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Hot price for SanDisk Extreme Pro 1TB NVMe SSD at Amazon


Your PC contains PCI Express 3.0 ports and you want to improve its performance optimally? So here is the excellent SanDisk Extreme Pro NVMe SSD with a storage capacity of 1 TB, now on sale on Amazon at 118 euros instead of 216.

On a PC, it doesn’t get faster than an NVMe SSD. It can significantly increase the speed of your machine, whether it is to boot your operating system in seconds or reduce in-game loading times. This technology is, luckily, becoming more and more affordable and it is today le SSD NVMe SanDisk Extreme Pro de 1 To who pays the price.

In short

  • The size of a RAM stick
  • Speeds up to 3,400 MB / s
  • Quite low energy consumption

Instead of the usual 216 euros, the SanDisk Extreme Pro 1TB NVME SSD (M.2 format and compatible with PCI Express 3.0 ports) is now available on sale at only 118 euros on Amazon.

Lowest price on Amazon

Lowest price on Amazon // Gamesdone: Keepa.

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NVMe SSDs are different from conventional SSDs. They do not connect in SATA, but via the PCI Express ports of your motherboard, roughly taking the look of a RAM bar. They are faster, more efficient and more energy efficient.

Take the SanDisk Extreme Pro 1TB NVMe SSD for example, it offers a read speed of up to 3,400MB / s through a PCIe 3.0 port. Note that it is also backward compatible with a PCIe 2.0 port, but with reduced speed. To put it mildly, it’s 6 times faster than a traditional SATA SSD and up to 25 times faster than a traditional hard drive.

That’s not all, as it transmits up to 500,000 random read IOPS through NVMe protocol for extreme throughput. In addition, the SanDisk nCache 3.0 technology provides fast startup speeds for loading applications or even web browsing. Your load times will therefore melt like snow in the sun, which is ideal if you are playing on a PC.

Easy to install, you will then have access to a dedicated interface to monitor the status and performance of your NVMe SSD.


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