Sunday, October 25

Honor’s router with WiFi 6 is now the cheapest: up to 2.402 Mbps for only € 58 at Amazon

The arrival of the first products with WiFi 6 such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops will require you to update your router. This one from Honor is compatible with the high speeds of WiFi 6 and is very cheap. In this article, ComputerHoy could receive a commission for your purchases. More information The era of WiFi 6 has arrived, the new wireless connection standard that will multiply the connection speed between our devices and the internet. But in order to reach this revolution we will need the correct devices, for example a compatible mobile or laptop. But the most important thing is a router for our home that reaches these speeds. If you are looking for a new router and you also want to get ahead of the new WiFi 6, this Honor Router 3 is compatible and now costs € 58 at Amazon. Dual-band wireless router compatible with the new WiFi 6 networks that achieves a transfer speed of up to 2,402 Mbps and with 4 Ethernet ports. If you want to compare prices of this and other products in different stores, we recommend that you take a look at the Idealo comparator. This router is a variation of a Huawei router that has exactly the same features and design, but at a lower price. With this Honor Router 3 you can reach speeds of up to 2,402 Mbps in the 5 GHz network or up to 574 Mbps in the 2.4 GHz network. It is one of the cheapest solutions if you want to equip your home with a WiFi 6 router and Also, as part of the novelties of this new technology, you can connect two of these routers in mesh to expand coverage and speed. Thanks to OFDMA technology, signals can be transmitted simultaneously to up to 16 devices at the same time, that is, 16 devices such as mobiles, tablets, consoles, laptops, etc … will receive connection instantly, not in stages. These are the best routers you can buy with WiFi 6, the new WiFi standard that multiplies the speed of the internet. If you have a house with many devices connected to the home, such as light bulbs, plugs, or speakers, then these types of routers interest you because they are compatible with many more connections of this type. Honor Router 4 with WiFi 6 is available on Amazon for € 78, but if you hurry you arrive to activate the € 20 discount coupon so that it stays at only € 58 with free shipping. You can get it on Amazon with free and fast shipping by signing up for Amazon Prime. You can try the service for free for 30 days without obligation since there is no type of permanence. If you like to be up to date with the latest offers and product recommendations, you can follow them in real time on the channel on Telegram, where we will keep you informed of the latest technology discounts. Today’s Other Featured Offers These offers are some of the best you can find right now in different stores and categories. All of them may vary in price slightly or run out, which is why we recommend that you regularly check our website or our channel of offers on Telegram. In this article, ComputerHoy receives a commission from its affiliate partners for each purchase you make through the product links that we have included, something that in no case represents an additional cost for you. However, our recommendations are always independent and objective. You can check our affiliate policy here.

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