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Honor sold by Huawei, scrollable smartphone at Oppo and more Tesla Model 3 at $ 35,000

Did not have time to follow the news yesterday? Here’s what stood out on Tuesday, November 17: Huawei sold its Honor brand, Oppo presented a scrollable screen smartphone and Tesla ended the discount on its Model 3. To not miss any news, consider subscribing to the Frandroid newsletter .

Oppo X 2021

L’Oppo X 2021 // Gamesdone: Weibo

It’s official, Huawei has sold its Honor brand

As expected in recent weeks, Huawei has indeed sold its Honor brand. The Chinese manufacturer, struggling in the smartphone segment, preferred to sell the activity of its brand to a fund of 40 Chinese companies, grouped under the name of Shenzhen Zhixin New Information Technology. Concretely, this buyout could have been negotiated for an amount of 12.8 billion dollars. It could also allow Honor to use Google mobile services again.

Oppo X 2021: a smartphone concept to unroll without creasing

Oppo organized its Inno Day on Tuesday, a day dedicated to the technological innovations of the Chinese manufacturer. It was the opportunity for the brand to present its latest concept phone, the Oppo X 2021. Behind this name hides a smartphone with a scrollable screen, which can go from a classic diagonal of 6.7 inches to a 7.4 inch mini tablet format. For now, however, it is only a prototype. While the technology could be found in consumer smartphones in the years to come, the X 2021 is not intended to be marketed, however.

Tesla Model 3 at $ 35,000: a sweet utopia that vanishes again

While Elon Musk had promised a low-cost version of his long-standing Tesla Model 3, the automaker is backing down. Until now, it was possible to take advantage of a small discount to lower the price of the Standard Range Plus version to $ 35,000, with less software functions. From 2021, this will no longer be possible, as reported by the Electrek site. In fact, the most accessible version of the Tesla Model 3 will now be priced at $ 38,000, with no possible discounts.

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