Tuesday, April 13

Home Max officially folds, Google will no longer manufacture it

Three years after its launch, the Home Max is asked to say goodbye: Google stops production and the last available units have been sold. The product nevertheless remains fully supported by Google in terms of software.

Google announced that it will no longer produce Home Max

Google has announced that it will no longer produce Home Max // Gamesdone: Google

Google will continue to provide software support for the Home Max, but the connected Hi-Fi speaker launched by Google at the end of 2017 is withdrawing: it will no longer be produced by the group and its last available units, recently sold off at $ 179 to the United States and whose price had recently fallen in France, have all been sold. In other words, if you were planning to buy one, you will have to fall back on other Google products.

As specified Engadget, the legitimacy of the Home Max was in any case questionable in the ranges of Google since the introduction of certain alternatives, like the recent Nest Audio. Buying two, for more or less the same price as a single Home Max, indeed allows an equivalent audio quality, even better, while having two points of diffusion in a room.

A connected speaker for Hi-Fi

If Google has managed to offer equivalent audio quality on its latest products, and for a lower price, the Home Max initially aimed to combine the services of Google Assistant with a Hi-Fi experience. To do this, Google had bet in particular on two 4.5-inch woofers and two tweeters custom-designed for the speaker. A configuration similar to the Nest Audio, with a 75mm woofer and a 19mm tweeter. More recent, the latter also has a software part refined and studied to make the most of these components.

If you have a Home Max, however, Google would like to reassure you. As mentioned above, the company will continue to support the device on the software level and no end of support is mentioned, quite the contrary.

« Current Google Home Max users don’t have to worry because they won’t see any change in service. Google said in a press release to Engadget. “We will continue to provide software updates and security fixes for Google Home Max devices. We are committed to providing quality sound and audio functionality for the whole home on all of our Google Assistant compatible products.».

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