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here is the new generation of 5G modem with speeds up to 10 Gb / s

Qualcomm has just unveiled its brand new generation of 5G modem for smartphones. The Qualcomm X65 is aimed at high-end smartphones and will be able to reach a theoretical speed of 10 Gb / s.

Qualcomm has announced the Snapdragon X65 5G, its fourth generation 5G modem-antenna solution. This is the solution that will equip the next high-end smartphones, at Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo as well as certainly the future 5G products from Apple.

The first modem-antenna that can reach 10 Gb / s

It is the first modem-antenna that can reach theoretically 10 Gb / s of downlink speed in 5G. Qualcomm thus evokes the first 3GPP version 16 RF modem system to be more precise. Obviously, this very high throughput can only be achieved in an ideal environment where all frequency bands are available and aggregated. These are the frequencies under 6 GHz as well as mmWave, so we are very far from the conditions for the deployment of 5G in France.

This rate is due to an increase in the overall spectrum that can be used for the smartphone modem. To achieve this result, Qualcomm switched to a 4 nm engraving process against 5 nm previously, which made it possible to add a new module without changing the dimensions of the chip. This famous new module named QTM545 mmWave supports all millimeter frequencies, including the 41 GHz band.

Some manufacturers of Android smartphones could hurry to launch their first smartphones with the X65 modem by the end of the year, concerning Apple it would be better to wait for the models of 2022. Moreover, it is not yet clear if Apple will continue to use Qualcomm technologies in its future products, in any case the iPhone 12 uses the 5G X55 modem from Qualcomm which could already reach a theoretical maximum speed of 7 Gb / s.

The successor to the Snapdragon 888 would therefore be equipped with X65, while the X62 modem should be available for mobile phones with a Snapdragon 700 series processor, being supposed to be the successor to the 750G whoever introduces this new modem.

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