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here is the deployment schedule and eligible smartphones

MIUI 12.5, the new version of the software interface signed Xiaomi, will land on a dozen smartphones of the Chinese brand during the year 2021. We take stock of the official calendar communicated by the group.

Xiaomi MIUI 12.5

On Monday February 8, Xiaomi presented with great fanfare its brand new high-end smartphone, the Xiaomi Mi 11, during a virtual conference dedicated to the European market. This event was also the opportunity to discuss the deployment of MIUI 12.5, a new version of its software interface, the deployment schedule of which was officially unveiled by the company.

Five lucky winners from Q2

This interim update will benefit five mobile devices already handpicked during a first wave of launch scheduled from the second quarter of the year, next April. Here are the names of the five lucky ones:

Xiaomi Mi 11 France straight verse

The Xiaomi Mi 11 is the first smartphone equipped with a Snapdragon 888 // Gamesdone: Xiaomi

A second wave will then follow for eleven other terminals. The press release sent to the editor does not specify the chosen month or quarter. But Xiaomi unveiled a little additional information on an image released during the conference: the second batch should be entitled to it at the end of the second quarter. Even if we are never safe from a slight delay. Here is the list of the eleven selected:

The MIUI 12.5 version will bring with it many new features, such as the possibility of uninstalling a native application, much better convergence between your phone and a Windows PC with MIUI Plus, new sound notifications inspired by nature, more advanced security, improved power management and 22% lower CPU usage.

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