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here is Orange’s connected solution to monitor your home


Orange offers all its customers a home monitoring and protection solution: Maison Protégée. A versatile, complete, inexpensive and no-obligation solution. Here is everything you need to know about it.

To monitor and protect your home, there are two solutions. The first is to do self-monitoring, that is to say to buy oneself its sensors and cameras that you put in your home to monitor what is happening there and be alerted. in the event of unusual activity.

But this implies that it is you who will put the equipment and that you will only rely on it to ensure the surveillance of your accommodation. This is where professional monitoring solutions come in, such as that of Maison Protégée d’Orange, which can intervene in your home, even if you are far from your home.

Orange Protected House in summary

The principle of Maison Protégée is simple, it is an offer “all-in” without engagement. By all inclusive, this means that once you have subscribed to the offer you are entitled to:

  • With the intervention of a professional who will come and install the monitoring equipment in your home
  • The rental of surveillance equipment (alarm, camera, motion detectors, etc.) is included in the subscription, regardless of the number of devices installed, at no additional cost.
  • The guarantee of monitoring by professionals 24/7 and intervention in your home in the event of a disaster
  • The ability to control all the sensors in your home using a single application installed on your smartphone

Maison Protégée is an ultra-complete turnkey solution: you don’t have to worry about the equipment, its position, its installation or its operation, the Orange teams take care of everything. And since this is a non-binding offer, you can cancel it at any time.

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Maison Protégée actually offers two offers, depending on the nature of your accommodation: either in house or on the ground floor, is in upper floor apartment. The services and the type of equipment are identical in both offers, but a house or an apartment on the ground floor offers more access and openings than an apartment on the upper floor. It is therefore possible that the installation requires more detectors, hence the price difference.

Important point: Maison Protégée is an offer reserved only for subscribers to Orange or Sosh mobile or fixed Internet offers, regardless of the type of package or its amount.

What does Orange’s Protected House offer in detail?

Protected House is based above all on surveillance equipment installed in key points of the user’s home. This material systematically includes:

An alarm center:

This white box is simply the brain of all the sensors that are placed in the housing. Connected to the Internet via an Ethernet cable, this console communicates with the application installed on the user’s smartphone, but also with the Orange remote monitoring teams. In the event of a problem, it is she who sends the information to the people concerned.

What about an Internet cut-off or a power cut? This is where the Orange network comes into play, the great strength of this offer. This box is equipped with a GRPS SIM card. In the event of an Internet cut, it will then connect to the Orange mobile network. And since it is the best mobile network in France, there is a good chance that your home is well covered.

Likewise, in the event of a power cut, the alarm center has a back-up battery capable of holding out for a few hours until power is restored.

One or more motion detectors with photo capture

This is a detector that is usually placed near the doors to find out who is entering or leaving the home. If unusual motion is detected, the detector takes a photo which can be viewed by the user on its application or by the Orange monitoring center. It works even in the dark thanks to its built-in flash. Finally, it does not take into account the movements of pets weighing less than 30 kilos.

One or more infrared motion detectors

This is also a motion detector, but it does not need light to detect unusual movement. It is therefore effective in the dark. This motion detector is set in such a way that it does not take into account the movements of pets weighing less than 30 kilos. You don’t have to worry about false alarms!

One or more opening detectors

Located in a door or window frame, the opening sensor is triggered when the door or window opens.

Accessories to activate or deactivate the alarm

A digital keypad incorporating an alarm as well as two badges are automatically provided in the Protected House solution. They simply allow you to activate or deactivate the alarm by entering a code or by passing the badge in front of the keypad.

Here are all the possible accessories that the Maison Protégée solution contains: an opening detector, a numeric keypad, a motion detector with photos taken, an infrared motion detector, an alarm center, a badge, but also a detector connected smoke (optional) and a remote control (optional).

Here are all the possible accessories that the Maison Protégée solution contains: an opening detector, a numeric keypad, a motion detector with photos taken, an infrared motion detector, an alarm center, a badge, but also a detector connected smoke (optional) and a remote control (optional).

Installation carried out by a professional

One of the great strengths of Maison Protégée is that an Orange security professional travels to establish a diagnosis and then install and place the equipment at the key locations of the accommodation that are the strategic axes (the doors of entrance, windows facing the street) and value areas (corridors leading to the bedrooms). This installation is included in the price of the subscription, you do not have to pay the trip of this technician.

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The other advantage of the Orange Protected Home solution: the price does not change depending on the number of detectors installed in your home. In fact, there is no quote in this offer. Once you have signed it, Orange is committed to protecting the home as effectively as possible with the best possible detector coverage, regardless of the number, types and location of equipment and without the price of the device. offer does not vary.

How is the housing monitored?

Once all the equipment has been installed, the surveillance and protection of your home can begin, whether through you or through Orange.

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The Protected House application

To monitor unusual activities happening in your home, a mobile application (on Android or iOS), Maison Protégée, is available. Its operation is simple and allows:

  • Activate and deactivate the alarm remotely
  • In the event of an intrusion, consult the photos taken by the motion detector
  • To request the intervention of an agent if it is a burglary
  • Access to a handling history, to find out who activated or deactivated the alarm
  • To be warned in the event of a power cut lasting more than 30 minutes

Remote monitoring

And if you are not in front of your smartphone to see the alerts of the application, it does not matter, the remote monitoring protects your home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As soon as an alert is triggered, the monitoring center calls you immediately to check whether you are the source of the alert or not.

If this is not the case, an agent will come to check the security of your accommodation. If he finds that a break-in has taken place, then he will remain on site until the arrival of the police and the emergency re-security of the accesses. You don’t have to do anything, Orange takes care of the security of your home for you.

What does not watch Maison Protégée d’Orange

Even if it is a remote monitoring solution, Orange is committed to respecting your privacy. So this surveillance system:

  • Never listen to you. And for good reason, there is no microphone embedded in the equipment offered by Orange
  • Never film yourself continuously. Only photos are taken when motion detectors spot suspicious activity
  • Can be partially activated. Via the application, you have the possibility of carrying out a partial activation of the solution. When you sleep, for example, you can activate the door sensors, but deactivate the motion sensors.

Orange Protected House: a non-binding offer, from 25.99 euros per month

Maison Protégée is an offer reserved for Orange or Sosh customers only. Concretely, this means that only customers of Orange mobile or fixed Internet plans can benefit from it. It is a light condition. It suffices for example to take a subscription with Sosh at 15.99 euros per month, without commitment, in order to benefit from Maison Protégée.

The Orange Protected Home solution is also a non-binding offer. You can subscribe to it when you want and cancel it when you want. All you have to do is return the monitoring equipment installed at your home to Orange. A termination fee of 49 euros will however be requested.

Protected House includes two different prices:

Finally, if you subscribe for the first time to the Maison Protégée offer from Orange and you cancel your current subscription to a remote monitoring service, Orange gives you a reimbursement offer of 50 euros.


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