Wednesday, April 14

here is finally an ergonomic pen tablet certified “Work with Chromebook”

Compatible with Chromebooks, the One By Wacom pen tablet is the polar opposite of overpriced graphics tablets and / or incompatible with certain operating systems. An interesting solution for those who want to optimize their configuration and thus avoid finding themselves drawing with the mouse.

The first pen tablet on the market to be certified “compatible with Chromebook” (but it is also compatible with Windows and macOS), the One by Wacom is extremely easy to use, in addition to being particularly affordable. Best of all, the tablet’s stylus is ergonomic, responsive and pressure sensitive, allowing the user to regain their natural way of writing, sketching, drawing or editing content directly on the tablet.

In its compact version, the One by Wacom tablet displays a price of 39.90 euros, while the standard model draws a price of 59.90 euros.

A tablet, simple, basic and above all effective

Wacom’s expertise in graphics tablets is well established. And if the Japanese brand offers a wide range of high-end devices, it does not forget to offer more accessible alternatives, but just as well thought out. The One by Wacom is the most striking example.

Far from imposing tablets, especially those with integrated screens, the One by Wacom retains reduced dimensions, which allows it to slip easily into any doc bag or computer sleeve. Thus, in its compact version, the device measures 21 x 14.6 cm for 8 mm thickness. Its weight of 250 grams makes it easily transportable alongside your laptop PC.

Above all, its active surface of 15.2 x 9.5 cm offers a comfortable drawing area, both for basic drawing (diagram, presentation, etc.) as for more precise drawing. Its stylus has the advantage of being battery-free, which saves you the hassle of constantly charging it. It supports up to 2,048 pressure levels, delivering a crisp and precise pencil pattern. Drawing is just as enjoyable as on a regular sheet of paper, as is handwritten note taking.

However, the main advantage of the One by Wacom is its “plug & play” dimension. All you have to do is connect the tablet to your laptop via the USB-A cable, download the drivers for the first use (on macOS and Windows only) and… that’s it. The tablet is ready to use without additional steps. No need to spend long hours finding compatible software or getting lost in a myriad of menus to adjust various parameters: the One by Wacom responds instantly to your needs.

A timely compatibility with Chromebooks

But simple “plug & play” was not enough for Wacom to make its graphics tablet really easy to use. This is why the manufacturer turned to Google to offer it compatibility with Chromebooks. Thus, the One by Wacom is the first tablet on the market to natively support ChromeOS.

An ultimately wise choice, as Chromebooks share this ready-to-use strategy. Especially since, unlike machines running Windows or macOS, you do not need to download any driver when you first connect the One by Wacom. That means it only takes a few seconds between starting up your Chromebook and plugging in the graphics tablet, before you can fully get to work or drawing.

A tablet that finds its place in the student world

A speed of execution welcome for students or teachers, for example, who also benefit from efficient dedicated applications. Indeed, no need to get lost in stores looking for compatible software, Wacom offers 3 months free subscriptions to 5 educational apps.

For example, Collaboard and Limnu offer an online whiteboard for drawing simultaneously, while Pear Deck and Explain Everything allow creating interactive virtual presentations. Finally, Kami transforms any document into a virtual table in order to add annotations in real time. All these applications have the advantage of being compatible with the One by Wacom and Chromebooks without additional handling. Just like the Clip Studio Paint application, which allows you to easily draw or edit images.

La One by Wacom sait rester accessible

As complete as it is, the One by Wacom does not imitate its peers by exploding the bill. Indeed, where this type of product displays a price between 50 and 60 euros, it is offered at a price of 39.90 euros on the official Wacom store.

And if you’re looking for a tablet that’s just as easy to use, compatible with ChromeOS, but slightly larger, the One by Wacom comes in a medium version, with an active area of ​​8.5 x 13.5 cm. for general dimensions of 27.7 x 18.9 x 0.8 cm. This displays a price of 59.90 euros.

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