Tuesday, March 9

here is Bouygues’ new offer for the sales, with a 5G option

This week, Bouygues Telecom is hitting hard on the sector of non-binding mobile offers by unveiling a B & You 200 GB package at 14.99 euros per month. A colossal 4G envelope, perfect for streaming as well as for connection sharing.

If Bouygues Telecom already offers one of the most complete mobile offers with its Sensation range, the operator also knows how to do it in terms of packages without commitment. All the more so when its B & You offer has a massive data envelope at a contained price. In fact, until February 2, the 200 GB package without commitment from Bouygues Telecom is 14.99 euros per month. Better, this price remains the same, even after a year of subscription.

What are the advantages of the B & You 200 Go plan?

What does the B & You 200 Go plan offer?

One of the main points of comparison when choosing a package is its data envelope. And if most operators offer packages between 60 and 100 GB, Bouygues goes further since its B & You package delivers 200 GB of 4G every month.

A colossal amount that allows you to browse the web with confidence as well as enjoy 310 hours of streaming content on platforms such as Netflix or OCS. And even to share your connection for long periods in the event of an Internet failure and without exhausting your package in 3 days. And it’s valid every month of the year.

The B & You 200 Go package is based on the Bouygues Telecom 4G network. This covers 99% of the French population in metropolitan France.

In addition to this 200 GB envelope, this package gives access every month:

  • unlimited calls and SMS from and to France, Europe and the overseas departments;
  • unlimited MMS to and from mainland France;
  • 15 GB of 4G data for use in Europe and the French overseas departments.

Can we take advantage of 5G with the B & You 200 Go plan?

Since December 2020, Bouygues Telecom has been offering 5G connectivity to its subscribers who are located in an area covered by the new network standard. Beneficiaries of a Sensation package are affected, as are those who have subscribed to a B & You offer, including the 200 GB package at 14.99 euros. It is also possible to know the coverage areas directly on the Bouygues site.

The switch to 5G is done as an option to add to the package. This costs an additional 3 euros per month and can be deactivated at any time since it is non-binding. Perfect for testing your city’s 5G if it’s already covered to see what this new generation is worth.

To benefit from it, nothing could be simpler. You must first have a smartphone compatible with 5G. If you don’t have one, the Bouygues Telecom online store is full of phones that support 5G.

Then, all you have to do is go to your Subscriber Area, then click on “Add options” in the “How to enrich my offer?” Block. “. In the “Communication” section, click on the “Discover” tab on the 5G option, then choose “Subscribe”.

What is the price of the B & You 200 Go plan?

The other important element in choosing a mobile plan is its price. That of Bouygues’ B & You 200 Go package is surprisingly low for this type of offer. Indeed, if the other operators charge these offers between 30 and 50 euros, Bouygues Telecom drops the price at 14.99 euros per month. An advantageous rate available for all new subscriptions before February 2.

Unlike the packages with commitment, the B & You offer will keep its price of 14.99 euros per month after one year of subscription. Finally, Bouygues Telecom gives you real flexibility in managing your subscription since this package is non-binding.

How to take advantage of the B & You 200 Go plan?

In 2021, subscribing to a mobile plan remains extremely simple. It must be said that Bouygues Telecom supports you throughout the process. Indeed, once on the Bouygues Telecom site, it only takes a few clicks to configure and subscribe to the 200 GB plan.

For its part, the operator takes care of terminating your old offer and transferring your line without interrupting mobile services. Bouygues also gives you the option of keeping your old number. For this you will need to provide your RIO code. Whether you change your number or not, a one-off payment of 10 euros will be required to cover the cost of the new triple-cut SIM card.

A “Customer Area” mobile application is also available to you, both on theAppStore that on the Google Play Store, in order to follow your daily consumption, or to enter more easily in relation with assistance.

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