Sunday, April 11

here is Android 11 for more than 70 Android smartphones

Lineage has just released LineageOS for 70 Android devices. It’s a real makeover for old smartphones that are no longer supported by their manufacturers. You will therefore have access to the functions of Android 11 with recent security patches.

The Lineage community has just launched LineageOS 18.1. As a reminder, this Android ROM was previously named CyanogenMod, it is one of the most popular alternatives for many Android users who want to enjoy the latest versions of Android with an interface closer to Android Open Gamesdone Project (AOSP ).

Lineage 18.1: Android 11 with a recent security update

Lineage 18.1 is an Android version based on the code of Android 11. The team in charge of the development of this ROM downloads the sources of Android, Android Open Gamesdone Project, as well as the recent security updates Android Security Bulletin ( ASB). On this version, we can take advantage of the updates of December 2020.

LineageOS 18.1 therefore brings the new functions of Android 11 with recent security patches but without Google services. You can easily install them later if you wish. The Lineage team is also doing optimization and compatibility work, with several LineageOS apps pre-installed.

70 devices supported

Very many devices are supported, you will find the full list here. The advantage of LineageOS is to be able to benefit from a recent Android version while manufacturers no longer officially support them. This extends the lifespan of the devices by providing optimizations, however it requires some technical handling, which slows down its deployment to the general public.

Among the devices that will be able to take advantage of Android 11 when they are considered “too old”, there is the Samsung Galaxy S4, the Essential PH-1, the Motorola X Play, the NextBit Robin, the Razer Phone … In total, more than 70 devices.

Comment installer LineageOS ?

We have made a complete tutorial to install LineageOS on your Android smartphone. As usual, there are a few steps to follow. Luckily for us, part of the ease of installing LineageOS comes from the small number of installation prerequisites. Those who wish to keep their information are advised to make a backup.

In case your device does not have custom recovery, you must install one. To achieve this, you can follow one of the many tutorials on the internet, by simply typing Install TWRP (or CWM) on [modèle de l’appareil] “. However, expect this tutorial to be in English. You can also ask for help on our forums.

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