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here is a nice concept of Compal for a borderless ultrabook

A borderless screen on a laptop is the concept presented by the manufacturer Compal with its ZeroEdge and which is reminiscent of the work currently carried out on the smartphone market.

ZeroEdge: a concept from Compal for a borderless ultrabook

For a few years now, smartphone manufacturers have been trying to widen the width of the panel as much as possible so that it takes up a larger proportion over the entire chassis. According to Liliputing, Compal introduced a similar concept with a screen-to-frame ratio of 99%.

ZeroEdge: an ultrabook inspired by smartphones and the iPad Pro

Imagine a tablet articulated via a hinge and floating above a keyboard. It almost looks like an iPad Pro on a Magic Keyboard. But Compal has redesigned the system to transform it into a real laptop, and above all to optimize the screen as well as possible.

Ironically, and for practical reasons, smartphones now tend to return to borderless screens without being rounded on the side edges. However, this is the process that Compal chose for the ZeroEdge and its 14-inch screen.

For this design, Compal received recognition from iF World Design Guide and explains that the rounded side areas can be used to place shortcuts such as an application launch panel, a notification area or various controls (brightness, volume, etc.)

ZeroEdge: a concept from Compal for a borderless ultrabook

An idea still at the concept stage

Remember that this is a concept even if, on iF World Design Guide, Compal mentions a launch for this year and marketing in Asia, Europe and North America.

Anyway, we therefore have no details on the technical characteristics of the machine. The images simply show the possible configuration in terms of connectors for the left side edge of the keyboard part with a 3.5 mm jack port, two USB-C ports and an SD card reader. We can therefore imagine that the project, if it does exist, is still in its infancy.

Still, at Compal, we can not help imagining that the ZeroEdge could be popular by allowing two users to position their ultrabooks side by side to benefit from a large screen thanks to its rounded edges. Provided of course to integrate a software solution provided for this purpose.

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