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here is a more effective mobile insurance than AppleCare +

We may be very careful, a fall of smartphone happened very quickly. And usually it ends with a broken screen and high repair costs. To avoid them, you can take out Coverd insurance which covers your bad luck for 8.90 euros per month in the case of an iPhone 12.

L’iPhone 12

L’iPhone 12 // Gamesdone : Apple

Introduced recently, the iPhone 12 is likely to be one of the most popular smartphones of the coming year. IPhones are also among the phones with the highest repair costs. Although Apple’s warranty covers defective devices, it is of no use when the screen shatters during a bad fall. In this case, you must pay the repair costs of 311 euros for the screen of the iPhone 12. Unless you have taken out insurance that really protects your smartphone.

This is what the French company Coverd offers: no-obligation smartphone insurance, at a more affordable price than other equivalent services. Indeed, it is possible to insure the iPhone 12 (and the 12 Mini) at the price of 8.90 euros per month only at Coverd. For Pro models, the price is 9.90 euros per month. Finally, Frandroid readers can exclusively benefit from one month of insurance offered by entering the code FRANDROID1M when subscribing.

What Coverd insurance offers

Coverd’s offer is very easy to read and understand, which is not the case with all insurances. So, for 8.90 euros per month for an iPhone 12 (or 9.90 euros for an iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 12 Pro Max), here is what Coverd insurance covers:

  • damage from all causes (fall, shock, etc.) causing for example a broken screen or a cracked back;
  • oxidation of components (even IP68 certified, a phone is not perfectly waterproof);
  • excessively worn batteries are replaced.

For all accident coverage, Coverd asks for a deductible of 30 to 50 euros, which is much less than that for repairs. Finally, the French company also offers to insure phones against theft. This is an option billed between 1 and 4 euros per month depending on the model, which covers thefts by aggression and break-in.

Finally, Coverd prefers prevention rather than cure by providing a protection kit for your smartphone at no additional cost. As soon as the subscription is finalized, the insurer sends the user a shell, a protective glass and an iRing free of charge, a ring to stick to the back of the phone which ensures a better grip of the device. .

Un service premium

For many, the word insurance is synonymous with inconvenience. He speaks of outdated or inefficient service with a lot of paperwork to complete, and slow customer service seeking to do as little as possible. Coverd twists the neck of these preconceived ideas, proposing a 100% digital service very easy to use.

The claim is first made from your member’s area on the Coverd site. In the event of breakage, and within 24 hours, the phone is recovered and sent using a secure Chronopost package, or a courier who comes directly to pick it up. The phone is appraised and Coverd proceeds to a repair or an exchange depending on its condition. Note that you can also go directly to the store of the manufacturer of the smartphone to carry out the repair. You will then have to advance the costs. This is the fastest solution and once the invoice has been sent to Coverd, the insurance undertakes to reimburse it to you within 48 hours.

In all cases, repairs are carried out by authorized repairers, or even directly by the manufacturer’s customer service. This guarantees the user to recover a smartphone with original parts and still under warranty if it is still eligible.

Coverd vs AppleCare+

Apple also offers its insurance product: AppleCare +. But this one has some differences with the one proposed by Coverd. Here is an example taking the case of the iPhone 12.

Price€ 8.90 / month169 € / two years
Franchise50 €29 € for the screen, 99 € for the rest
Number of repairsUnlimited2 per year for 2 years
Theft insuranceYes, optional at 4 € / monthNon
Authorized repairersYesYes

The French insurer also gives the possibility of insuring smartphones regardless of their state of wear, while AppleCare + is only available on new devices purchased less than 60 days ago. Finally, the number of repairs resulting from accidental damage is limited to 2 per year (for two years) with AppleCare +. There is no limitation with Coverd insurance.

Insure your iPhone 12 from 8.90 euros per month

Coverd’s insurance is one of the most competitive on the market. For 8.90 euros per month, it is possible to insure an iPhone 12 against breakage, taking advantage of free protective equipment. In the event of a claim, all the steps are taken with just a few clicks from the Coverd website.

Coverd also allows insure any phone, whether new, used, refurbished or leased. It may even be already damaged. To find out the price of insurance, all you have to do is enter the reference of your smartphone on the Coverd website. Once the subscription has been validated, the telephone is insured without a waiting period. And if you change your mind, you can cancel by any means without having to pay any fees.

You can try Coverd insurance for free for one month by entering the code FRANDROID1M when subscribing.

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