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here is a good gaming headset at half the price on Amazon


Amazon offers one of the good references of Logitech’s gaming headset, the G533, at -50% on its platform. An excellent deal that drops the price from 150 to only 75 euros! It’s time to say goodbye to your headphones for those long gaming sessions.

If you are looking to offer yourself a headset specially designed for gaming, whether on consoles or on a PC, there are many references in this area. But, if there is a brand whose experience is well established, it is Logitech. That’s good, one of their best-sellers in the field of headsets designed for gamers is currently on sale at – 50%.

The Logitech G533 at a glance

  • Spatialized 7.1
  • Precise and balanced sound
  • Ergonomic, comfortable and wireless

The Logitech G533 is a gaming headset usually offered at 149 euros in maximum recommended price. At most resellers, the price is around 100 euros, but Amazon is now offering it on sale at 74.99 euros.

Learn more about the Logitech G533 👇

Simple, sober and ergonomic, the G533 embeds all the know-how of Logitech with its solid structure to make it the ideal headset for your long gaming sessions. Completely wireless thanks to its USB dongle and a 2.4 Ghz connection, it can be easily connected to any PC, but also to consoles (PS4 and PS5 only). The headset has an autonomy of around 15 hours, which makes it one of the most enduring on the market for this type of service.

The sound part is not left out either with a balanced and precise rendering, not to mention a certain reactivity, even a few meters from the source, which puts the G533 at the top of the basket on this type of device. In addition, the spatialization of the sound and the 7.1 rendering is convincing, which is nevertheless a gadget option in most so-called “Gamer” headsets on the market.

Note all the same that the rendering of the microphone is a little less convincing than a real professional microphone, but it will be appropriate in 99% of uses. Finally, we also underline the effort of Logitech to offer a software part controlled and easy to use allowing to monitor the rendering of the sound and the microphone in a simple and very practical way.

To compare the Logitech G533

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