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here are the two tools to check if your number is in nature

Nearly 20 million French numbers are among the Facebook users concerned. We offer two tools to check the presence of your number as well as some advice if your number is in the database.

Since last Friday, a huge database of 533 million Facebook accounts has been uploaded to a hacking forum. Among these accounts, 19.8 million are located in France.

What data is in the #FacebookLeaks database?

Among the data, we mainly find telephone numbers. There are approximately 2.5 million email addresses out of the 533 million identified accounts. But it’s not just numbers and e-mail addresses, here is all the data that can be found:

  • Telephone numbers,
  • Facebook identifiers,
  • full names,
  • the addresses,
  • dates of birth,
  • biographies,
  • and, in some cases, email addresses

How can I verify the presence of my number?

We have identified two safe tools to verify the presence of your number:

Regarding the last site on the list, as specified Numerama, enter your telephone number, without the 0, but with the code of your country: +33 for France, +41 for Switzerland or +32 for Belgium. For example: + 33XXXXXXXXX.

My number is in the database, what should I do?

We will have to be even more vigilant than usual. You will certainly be targeted by well-targeted phishing attacks.

Our best advice is toenable two-factor authentication as soon as possible. It adds, in addition to the password, a new authentication step, such as a message with a code, the use of a security key or an authentication application. If someone tries to access your account after having hacked your password, then they should normally be blocked by the confirmation of your identity, which will take place on your smartphone.

We also advise you to read our file dedicated to security. Through several essential questions, we give you advice and tools to better secure your devices and protect your personal data, whether on PC, smartphone, tablet, Android or iOS.

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