Tuesday, March 9

here are the first products born from this collaboration

Here are the first 30 products born from the collaboration between Ikea and Asus ROG. Marketing in France is scheduled for the end of 2021.

After a partnership with Sonos, with two products tested on Frandroid, Ikea has partnered with Asus Republic of Gamers (ROG) to create accessories for gamers. The announcement of the collaboration took place in September 2020, where Ikea explained that it plans to sell ” affordable gaming furniture and accessories“. The two brands have planned to unveil the accessories and products on January 29, however everything has already been unveiled on Chinese social networks.

From gadgets to motorized worktables

Asus ROG and Ikea will therefore unveil a whole series of products. We can thus observe the motorized worktable called UPSSPEL which should be sold around 600 euros. Some accessories are dedicated tocable management, this art of tidying up your cables neatly. There are also accessories for streamers with LED panels. Special cushions in ROG colors, mouse pads, gaming chairs… there will be plenty to choose from.

We also noted the presence of a cup holder, a black bin… for a total of 30 products. They will be marketed in China from February 2021, the rest of the world should wait until October 2021 to get their hands on them.

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