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Hello bank’s premium bank card! is free for three months

Hello bank! Currently offers a three-month free trial of its Hello Prime premium offer normally billed at 5 euros per month. A period long enough to know if this card is for you.

Hello bank! took advantage of 2020 to completely review its bank card offer and simplify it. There are now two cards: the Hello One card and the Hello Prime card. The latter is the most premium, and it is usually offered at a price of 5 euros per month. But to convince you of the quality of its services and its application, Hello bank! currently offers three months free trial. Let’s discover together the advantages of the Hello Prime premium offer.

The most practical bank card abroad

The Hello Prime offer has a bank card with very premium services. The most important is that all payments and withdrawals are free, in France but also all over the world. It is thus possible to pay directly with your card in different currencies without Hello bank! don’t charge you. It is an ideal card for trips abroad, especially as it includes very useful insurance. They are numerous, but among the most practical we find guarantees on the cancellation of a trip, on a rental vehicle or medical assistance abroad. In short, the Hello Prime card is able to cover the most restrictive problems of stays abroad.

The Hello Prime card is all black and quite pretty

The Hello Prime card is all black and quite pretty

Hello Prime is also compatible with mobile payment methods Apple Pay et Paylib. Once the functionality has been set up, your telephone can completely replace your bank card. Indeed, these two services allow you to pay any amount from your smartphone, unlike contactless payment with a bank card which is limited to 50 euros.

Additional banking features

The advantages of Hello Prime do not only concern the credit card, but also the banking services that accompany it. We find for example the ability to create a virtual card on the fly from the mobile application from Hello bank !. A practical feature to avoid hacks, because this virtual card is only creditworthy for the amount of your purchase on the Internet. Hello Prime also allows instant and free SEPA transfers. Finally, it offers priority access to Hello bank! Customer service.

The differences between the Hello One and Hello Prime offer from Hello bank!

The differences between the Hello One and Hello Prime offer from Hello bank!

Like traditional banks, Hello bank! also allows you to use a checkbook, but also to deposit checks and cash in your account even if it does not have a physical agency. Hello bank! is in fact a subsidiary of BNP Paribas. You can then go to a BNP Paribas ATM to deposit checks and cash. A feature that few online banks offer.

Still one of the best online banking apps

The Hello Bank app! is the same for both offers of the establishment, and that’s good since it is one of the best among online banks. It focuses on the essential, namely the visualization of the various accounts, the evolution of the budget and the payments. You can even aggregate other bank accounts in the app, so you can know your financial situation at a glance if you are with more than one bank.

The application also allows you to manage your bank card in detail. From this, it is possible to oppose your card, modify the limits, activate or not online and abroad payments. These tools are very useful to prevent your card from being hacked.

Three free months of Hello Prime

Usually billed 5 euros per month, the Hello Prime offer is currently free for three months. A period long enough to have time to try out the premium service of Hello bank !. Especially since registering for Hello Prime is very simple, and will not take more than a few minutes. To achieve this, you must provide proof of a monthly salary exceeding 1,000 euros (before taxes), and provide proof of identity, proof of address and a copy of your handwritten signature. The first payment to be made is only 10 euros minimum.

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