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headphones with noise reduction are almost half the price

Despite its supra-aural format, the Beats Solo Pro headphones do have noise reduction, and it works very well in most situations. To take advantage, the time is ideal since the price of this model goes from 299.99 euros to 169.99 euros on Cdiscount.

Most headphones offering active noise reduction adopt a circum-aural format instead, which makes the headphones perfectly encompass the ears. However, the supra-aural is not necessarily incompatible with this functionality, the proof with the headphones Beats Solo Pro. The latter has very good arguments to defend, starting with its price which currently down by 130 euros.

The Beats Solo Pro headphones at a glance

  • Good noise reduction
  • Neutral sound rendering to please everyone
  • Long battery life, up to 40 hours of listening time

Usually offered at 299.99 euros, the Beats Solo Pro headphones are currently available on sale, in its red color, at 169.99 euros on Cdiscount. The blue color is also available at the same price.

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7 /10

Beats Solo Pro

The Beats Solo Pro headphones adopt a rounded design likely to appeal to as many people as possible, especially since the range is available in several hyper-vitamin colors, such as these two blue and red colors that we present to you today. on discount. And as said before, this model offers a supra-aural format. Concretely, the ear cushions do not come around the ear, but they are simply placed on the ear pin. The other headphones with active noise reduction have, for the most part, a circum-aural format, but this difference is clearly not a black point, on the contrary: the comfort will be there, and the noise reduction very satisfactory.

To control the headset, we will be entitled to several control buttons nested under the surface of the right earpiece. They will thus allow you to launch a title, pause, increase or decrease the volume, or even go to a next track. To turn the headphones on or off, nothing could be simpler: just open or close the device. Underneath the left ear cup will be a button used for pairing and changing the noise cancellation mode. And here, no jack port: Beats has bet on 100% wireless.

Precisely, this noise reduction will be amply controlled, especially since the company Beats, bought by Apple in 2014, has already integrated this technology in several of its old references. Three noise cancellation modes will be available: noise cancellation, cancellation disabled to have simple passive isolation, or transparency mode, which will allow you to hear surrounding sounds using the headphones’ external microphones. Good point: a short press on the button located under the left earcup will switch between noise cancellation and transparency modes, handy when the need to listen to a speaker or ambient noise is suddenly felt. The result of this noise reduction will be very effective, and the filtration of surrounding noise will be complete.

The sound quality is no exception. The headphones deliver a well-balanced sound, with deep bass, as well as strong mids and highs. The resulting signature will be rather neutral, and this is clearly not a flaw: the Beats Solo Pro will be able to suit everyone. To adjust certain parameters, in particular the noise reduction mode setting, go to the dedicated application. On the other hand, we may regret the absence of multipoint Bluetooth to be able to connect several devices.

Finally, we will greatly console ourselves with the large autonomy offered by this headset. It can in fact go up to 10 p.m., with either noise cancellation or transparency mode. Without these features, the usage time could even increase to 40 hours. To know when to recharge it, you will have to watch the small LED which will turn red. Charging will be done via the Lightning to USB cable.

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If the offer mentioned in this article is subsequently no longer available, please take a look at the table below to find other offers for the Beats Solo Pro headphones.

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