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headphones with active noise reduction and bacteria suppression


LG has just launched new true wireless active noise reduction in South Korea. Called FN7, they once again rely on an ultraviolet box capable of destroying 99.9% of two types of bacteria present in use on headphones.

Here are LG's new FN7s, capable of suppressing ambient noise, as well as some bacteria

Here are LG’s new FN7s, capable of suppressing ambient noise, as well as some bacteria // Gamesdone: LG via Engadget

This is the hygienist card that LG wants to play once again with its FN7. These new headphones true wireless come onto the market alongside HBS-FN6, launched a few months ago, to spread the word about active noise reduction. A function which the FN6 did not benefit from. The two pairs of headphones are otherwise similar, both in terms of specifications and design.

LG notably uses the same form of in-ear tips to allow the headphones to be “sealed” optimally in the ear and thus promote better passive noise reduction. The brand promises that with active noise reduction in addition, exterior noise is ” almost completely neutralized »By his new intras.

Have bacteria found their Nemesis case?

As with the FN6 before them, the main particularity of the FN7 is to offer an ultraviolet charging box. The latter is capable, according to LG, of eliminating 99.9% of bacteria of the type E. coli and S. aureus present for use on the part of the headphones that fits into the ear. A function that could attract the attention of consumers in the midst of a pandemic. LG does not, however, communicate on any effectiveness of this device against COVID-19: it seems to simply improve hygiene in the context of daily use of these headphones.

For the rest, we will find the LG Tone Free application on Android and iOS, which offers a rather generous amount of settings. Still relevant, the collaboration between LG and the British Meridian Audio should finally allow the FN7 to offer signal processing of good quality. LG particularly evokes an experience marked by deep bass and clear vocals.

Launched this week in Korea, the LG FN7 will arrive in North America and Europe during the fourth quarter of 2020, without further details. As a reminder, the FN6 are offered in France at 150 euros without active noise reduction. With the ANC, the FN7 should therefore logically be negotiated at more than 200 euros.


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