Tuesday, May 18

headphones and charger might disappear from the box

While the first rumors this summer suggested that Samsung would no longer provide a charger with its smartphones in 2021, another report reinforces this hallway noise. Worse: the Korean manufacturer would also ignore chargers.

The Galaxy S30

Le Galaxy S30 // Gamesdone : OnLeaks

While all of the 2020 premium smartphone announcements have been made, eyes are now on 2021, and especially on Samsung. The Korean firm is in fact preparing the introduction of its Galaxy S21 – or S30 – and its Ultra version probably expected by the end of January.

Three months before their hypothetical presentation, the leaks are starting to appear here and there on the Web: starting with the possible design of the Galaxy S21, followed by what could be the technical sheet of the Ultra variant more recently. Now the Korean site ChosunBiz, relayed by Android Authority, puts on the table the subject of the charger supplied with the box… but also the headphones.

Economic advantage

According to industry sources, the Korean chaebol would imitate its competitor Apple by simply removing the charger normally supplied with its smartphone. This would be the case with the Galaxy S21, as suggested by the first rumors observed in July 2020.

The design of the Samsung Galaxy S30

Le design du Samsung Galaxy S30 // Gamesdone : OnLeaks

At the time, it was rumored that Samsung would act in this way from 2021. A choice which, according to him, would not be very restrictive for users, since the mobile market has been largely supplied with chargers for ten years now. In the idea, the users all have one. Obviously, that would also allow it to lower its production costs.

Exception for France

ChosunBiz don’t stop there. He says the Asian giant is planning to give up the headphones, which are also usually integrated into the package. A decision that would not concern France, since the law requires manufacturers to provide a headset when selling a mobile phone. And this, to limit exposure to waves.

All of these should, however, be taken with a grain of salt until official or more reliable information is released. If this is true, to see if Samsung would pull down the price of its Galaxy S21 to compensate for the lack of charger and headphones.

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