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HBO Max could pave the way for cheaper SVoD offerings with publicity


HBO Max will arrive in Latin America in June and should take advantage of this new market to introduce a new, more affordable formula focusing on advertising. The idea? Stand out against the competition in an increasingly saturated market.

HBO Max could deliver one of the most compelling SVoD offerings in the industry

HBO Max could offer one of the most attractive SVoD offerings in the industry // Gamesdone: HBO Max

Available so far only in the United States, HBO Max will arrive in June in several Latin American countries (including Mexico, Brazil, Haiti, Jamaica, but also Venezuela) and could enter the European market. from the end of the year. However, we learn from Engadget that June should also mark the start of a more affordable formula.

Based on advertising and initially deployed in the United States, this new offer from AT & T’s SVoD service would allow the subscription price to be sufficiently reduced in order to open the service to more users … while pushing hard competition from Netflix, Disney +, Prime Video and Apple TV + (but also Peacock, Hulu and Paramount + across the Atlantic).

More advertising, but also fewer options …

For 15 dollars per month currently, remember that HBO Max offers first and foremost all the content produced by the American cable channel HBO. The platform also brings together productions from Warner, DC Comics, CNN, TBS and Comedy Central. This generously stocked catalog could therefore be accessible in exchange for a slightly lower subscription.

Mentioned at the end of 2019 by a survey of Reuters, this subscription including advertising would also ignore certain options that are central to the HBO Max offer, such as the possibility of watching, in streaming, the latest films on the day of their release in theaters. To watch these films, you will then have to go back to the standard subscription, or wait a few months … until they arrive permanently on the platform.

Day-and-date movie premieres will only be on top-level HBO Max – AVOD tier subscribers won’t have access to those movies, WarnerMedia’s Jason Kilar says

— Dade Hayes (@dadehayes) March 12, 2021

With this new offer looming, AT&T wishes to attract more users. The group has also revised its objectives upwards by targeting 120 to 150 million subscribers by 2025, instead of the 75 to 90 million initially projected over the same period. To achieve this goal, HBO Max will have to continue to open up to other markets and settle down on the old continent. In France, however, he will have to find a way to sideline OCS, which currently holds the broadcasting rights for most HBO content.

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