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Google’s connected speaker finally drops its price solo


Since the release of Nest Audio, the only promotions we have seen for this product were only for a set of two. But today, it is nevertheless possible to get the recent connected speaker from Google individually for a lower price than usual: 87 euros instead of 99.

The Nest Audio is the very good replacement for the Google Home. Its design is better thought out for sound and the improvements are numerous, such as multiroom compatibility which allows you to enjoy stereo sound by connecting two speakers together. This is surely why the Nest Audio was often sold in promotion in a set of 2, but today it is possible to buy it alone with a 12% discount.

Google Nest Audio at a glance

  • The fabric design
  • 360-degree sound
  • 75% more powerful than Google Home

Instead of 99 euros, the connected speaker Google Nest Audio is now available at 87 euros on Rue du Commerce.

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9 /10

Google Nest Audio

Nest Audio is quite different from its predecessor. It is first of all more imposing with dimensions of 17.5 cm high and 12.4 cm wide, but also has a more than atypical shape than before with this rectangle with very rounded edges which stands upright. Then we also notice that the speaker is completely covered with fabric, which is ideal for letting more sound through.

The sound experience is obviously intended to be improved with the promise that the Nest Audio is 75% more powerful than the classic Home. For this, it embeds a 19 mm tweeter and a 75 mm woofer with a sound broadcast at 360 ° thanks to the new design. The bass is also deeper than before. However, it’s not all hardware at Google. The company added software to adjust the sound quality to enjoy clearer voices and more natural sound. There is also Ambient IQ technology for intelligent sound calibration that will automatically adapt to the room in which the speaker is located.

To stay on the theme of sound, this Nest Audio now allows you to connect several speakers in a multiroom system so that they can communicate with each other, in stereo or as a group. It’s a good thing to know if you want to buy two speakers straight away, or one now and the other later.

Finally, Google Assistant is obviously there and three microphones are integrated so that it can hear your voice, wherever you are in the room. It will also be possible to ask Google to launch certain songs or podcasts, announce concerts to listen to, or even obtain music recommendations on YouTube Music or Spotify.

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