Saturday, September 25

Google TV could recommend relevant content to you, even in multi-account


The 9to5Google site searched the Google TV application to find mentions of better multi-account management.

Chromecast with Google TV

Chromecast with Google TV // Gamesdone: Arnaud Gelineau for Frandroid

Last September, Google launched a small revolution in the field of connected televisions. The firm has indeed moved from its Android TV system to a new version, called Google TV and inaugurated with the Chromecast.

Among the main new features of Google TV, we can mention the management of several accounts. By turning on your TV – or your Chromecast – you can select the name of the account that will watch the TV, as you would with Netflix or on an Android tablet. However, the function has so far been limited to say the least. Indeed, even by selecting a secondary account on the system, it is indeed the video recommendations for the main account that will be displayed on the TV.

However, Google should very soon improve the multi-account experience on Google TV, as spotted by the 9to5Google site. The site was indeed able to dig into the code of the Google TV Home application to discover two new mentions that seem to prepare the management of personalized recommendations:

Add another account to this device to have its own personalized Android TV experience.

You can manage existing accounts in Settings, then Accounts and Sign in.

For now, however, these are only mentions in the application code, which have not been integrated into the Google TV interface. However, the addition of these two sentences allows for much more comprehensive family use in the future for Google’s smart TV system in the future.

Profiles for children

With recommendations and personalized apps, Google TV can be used much more efficiently, for example by allowing a family member to watch Twitch on their TV, while another member can quickly find where they left off. on his favorite series, and that without having the recommendations of the other people of the household.

Even children should be served, since among the profiles supported, sessions dedicated to children can be integrated, with their applications and content dedicated to them.


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