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Google should integrate an automatic equalizer in its Pixel smartphones

In order to automatically improve the sound quality of its latest Pixels, Google would prepare an automatic equalizer that would adapt the sound according to ambient noise.

Pixel 5

Pixel 5 // Gamesdone: Arnaud Gelineau for Frandroid

There are many ways to take advantage of an equalizer on a smartphone to modify the sound you are listening to. Some are available within applications linked to headphones or headphones, others directly in music playback applications and, finally, some manufacturers integrate equalizers directly into the settings of the smartphone.

If we can enjoy an equalizer on Xiaomi, Samsung or LG smartphones, Google did not yet offer this feature on Pixel smartphones. This could change in part, however, as noted by journalist Mishaal Rahman, editor-in-chief of XDA Developers.

In a tweet published on Tuesday, the journalist unveils a screenshot of a function that is not yet integrated into pixel smartphones. Baptized « Adaptive Sound », it is presented as capable of automatically adjusting the sound of the speakers according to the ambient noise. “Adaptive Sound improves the sound quality of your smartphone speaker. It uses the microphone to access sounds around you, and adjusts the EQ settings to your surroundings ”, thus indicates the description of the function.

Automatic equalization, without user control

So it looks like it’s not a true fully user-configurable multi-band manual EQ, but an automated system supported by Google. A function which is reminiscent of what the firm was already offering with its Pixel Buds, since a function “Adaptive sound” It was also available there, this time making it possible to optimize the volume according to the ambient noise. For the version dedicated to Pixel smartphones, Google would therefore not be satisfied only with the volume, but also with the sound signature.

The main advantage of an equalizer is to be able to modify the type of sound emitted by a device. Users can thus increase the bass, decrease the treble or adapt the mids to the type of music they listen to or to their personal taste. The equalizer can also be of interest for sounds emitted at low volume, since the lowest frequencies for example can tend to be muffled in this type of case.

For now, it is not known when Google plans to deploy this new function. Mishaal Rahman is content to indicate that it is in preparation.

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