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Google rewards the best apps of 2020

Google has announced the best mobile apps for its Play Store. If Disney + is crowned best app of the year for users, Genshin Impact comes away with the title of best mobile game in 2020.

With the end of the year, as always, rankings of all kinds arrive. Google opens the ball by distributing the good points of the Play Store. And especially those assigned by its users called to vote in November to elect their favorite apps and games of the year before the Google Play teams distribute their prize.

And what is striking is how much, in this difficult year 2020, we needed to release stress and relax. Among the honored apps, we find a lot of entertainment, relaxation and obviously the big winners of containment.

Entertainment in the spotlight

And the public’s choice fell on Disney+. The video streaming service started in France during the first lockdown, after a launch at the end of 2019 in the United States and in a few countries around the world. Fluid application, clear catalog and easy search were assets for Mickey and his friends StarWars, Pixar and Marvel. The app offers both its greatest classics, series, documentaries and original programs. It has also recently been enriched with new services such as GroupWatch, to watch and comment on programs with your friends without being together physically.



Disney + has been preferred by Play Store users over Microsoft Office, Reface, the video editing app that lets you stick your face to that of a celebrity, or Bazaart, a photo editor.

On the gaming side, it’s no surprise to see one of the mobile games of the moment, Genshin Impact, take it away. The public preferred him to One Punch Man : Road to Hero 2.0, Harry Potter: Riddles and Spells or Scrabble Go.

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact

This free RPG game is reminiscent of the world of The Legend of Zelda : Breath of the Wild, both by its graphic paw and its game system (climbing, use of the glider or beacon to see the map). This action role-playing game also derives its strength from a unique combat system. Each character uses a type of weapon and item.

The best of 2020 according to Google

Google also unveiled the choices of its Play Store teams and rewarded applications according to categories. And it’s Welcome Originals which wins the day, a free video and audio streaming app offering original and above all inspiring documentaries, to support you in your work and boost your career. Everything is done to help you develop your professional skills.

Welcome Originals - videos and online courses

Welcome Originals – videos and online courses

Best everyday apps:

  • Calmaria (helps with breathing and relaxation);
  • Microsoft Office (World, Excel, PowerPoint…) ;
  • Zoom Cloud Meetings (the king of video conferencing during containment).

Best of Personal Development:

  • Psych support with Mon Sherpa;
  • Timecap (to set goals and limits, improve habits);
  • Vimeo Create (video creation with or without a template).

Best finds:

  • Redbubble (find an original gift by supporting independent artists);
  • Tayasui Sketches (for drawing, calligraphy such as watercolor);
  • Welcome Originals.

Best entertaining apps:

  • Disney+ ;
  • Dolby On (for quality audio recording);
  • Recover.

Best solidarity app:

  • Share TheMeal (UN app to donate meals to children, see how your donation is used and for whom).


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