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Google promises 400 more games from 2021

Google promises the gradual arrival, from 2021, of nearly 400 games on its cloud gaming service Stadia. Coming from 200 different studios, these titles could allow the platform to have an advantage, at least temporarily, over the next gen in terms of catalog next year.

Google Stadia Controller

Stadia’s catalog should be considerably enriched from the coming year 2021 // Gamesdone: Google

It’s a rain of games that Google Stadia promises from next year. In an interview with the site MobileSyrup, Jack Buser, head of games for Stadia, quantified the catalog that we should find on the service in a few months. The interested party mentions in particular ” a roadmap with around 400 games in development within 200 [studios] », And we learn that most of these titles will arrive in 2021 and thereafter.

If Jack Buser is careful not to give more details, about fifty of these 400 titles have already been announced for Stadia and are on a list qu’Android Police keeps up to date. The cloud gaming platform now has nearly a hundred games.

Gaming: a sector that Google wants to invest for the long term

« We have a long-term vision For Stadia assured Jack Buser, using the 400 games mentioned as proof of Google’s long-term investment in this field. ” Gaming is one of the most important areas of business for Google… That’s why you see us investing so much time and energy to support the hundreds of developers who make all these games. We have a very exciting year ahead of us. And, in fact, we have many exciting years ahead of us », He continued.

The Crowd Choice feature in Baldur's Gate 3

The Crowd Choice feature in Baldur’s Gate 3

To already reach the 120 games promised for the end of 2020 on its cloud gaming service, Stadia has notably forged partnerships with major publishers to afford exclusives or previews, of which 15 have already emerged (Pac-Man Mega Tunnel Battle, Super Bomberman R Online, Orc Must Die! 3, Baldur’s Gate 3 …). And the Mountain View giant earlier this year signed contracts with developers of titles like Rock Band (Harmonix) et Until Dawn (Supermassive Games) who should soon offer their title.

Home productions are still waiting

To be sure to also rely on its own studios for the development of exclusives, Google has also secured the services of big names in the sector such as Jade Raymond (formerly from Ubisoft and EA) or Shannon Studstill ( ex-Sony Santa Monica executive). And the Californian firm launched in parallel its Stadia Makers program to attract and financially help independent developers.

Gylt on Google Stadia

Gylt, the very first Google Stadia exclusive at launch

«You will quickly discover a [grande] amount of exclusive content on our platform “, Promises for the rest Buser, while mentioning titles” cloud native “. These productions, he assures, are freed from the “limitations of a device (…) such as a PC or a game console”. We obviously have a few months at most to wait to see if Google’s projects are materializing as planned… and if the experience finally meets the promises.

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