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Google Photos invites you to tag your photos to strengthen its search engine


Google now invites users of its Google Photos app on Android to tag their photos themselves. A way to make the service’s artificial intelligence algorithms even more relevant.

Google Photos photo editor

Google Photos photo editor // Gamesdone: Frandroid

Besides the image editing functions, Google Photos is particularly famous for its ranking system. It must be said that Google’s service offers a particularly relevant search engine not only for searching for people, but also for doing keyword research.

To do this, Google uses machine learning. That is to say that even before the launch of Google Photos in 2015, the firm had worked on thousands of images in order to specify whether the photos presented a cat, the sky, a landscape, a building, the snow or vehicles for example. Based on these sample photos, the service was able to analyze user images afterwards and accurately indicate which photos in their albums had the same elements.

However, Google wants to push its machine learning algorithms even further to improve the relevance of its artificial intelligence. And to do this, the firm relies on its users. Google has indeed integrated a new option in Google Photos, accessible at the bottom of the search tab. “Help improve Google Photos” allows you to help the service to “Understand your photos”. Concretely, the application presents a series of ten photos that it invites you to tag. The idea is to make the search engine even more relevant by indicating the different keywords that you could associate with one of your photos.

Tags that could benefit Google Photos as a whole

Google does not specify whether these keywords will be used solely for your account or if the company will use them to improve its overall algorithm. In other words, tagging your own photos with keywords could also help Google understand other users’ photos and therefore improve its search engine relevance to all users.

As 9to5Google specifies, which spotted the new feature, once several series of photos have been tagged, other functions are offered in this “Improved Google Photos”. The service then becomes able to offer better animations and collages, but also which photos to highlight at a particular time of the year.

Google Photos

Google Photos


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