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Google One may soon offer more free storage as a trial version

The latest version of Google Photos hides clues of a new trial offer for Google One.

Google has decided to completely review the operation of its online storage in 2021. From June, the Google Photos service will no longer offer unlimited free storage of your photos in high quality mode. Likewise, documents created on Google Docs, Sheets or Slides will be deducted from the storage space of your Google One account from this date.

Google’s storage space will therefore become a scarce commodity. To better prepare for this transition, Google seems to be preparing a trial version for its storage service.

A trial offer found in Google Photos

This discovery is due to the 9To5Google site. The site has indeed found in the files of the latest version of Google Photos, clues pointing to a change of offer for Google One. In particular, they unearthed a dialogue window inviting the user to accept ” the conditions of the trial version of% s Where the term “% s” designates a dynamic programming variable that developers can replace with any character sequence they want. In this case, we imagine that this will be replaced by “120 GB” or “12 months” for example.

As the site rightly notes, Google already offers this kind of trial version, but until now they were more linked to purchases of Google products, for example a Chromebook or the purchase of a Pixel 4. For the latter was a trial version of Google One offering 100 GB. We should find out more about this new version of the trial offer of Google One by approaching the month of June. This is when the free version might become too limited for larger users of Google services.

Google Photos

Google Photos

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