Thursday, June 24

Google mistakenly deploys an app to block smartphones in case of default

Google has a new app for Android. It allows him to block a smartphone remotely if the credit to buy it was not properly repaid.

The Pixel 5 has a compact form factor

The Pixel 5 // Gamesdone: Arnaud Gelineau for Frandroid

A mysterious new application from Google deployed on Android quickly made the rounds of the web. Called Device Lock Controller, it allows remote functions of the smartphone to be deactivated at the request of a Bank if its owner does not properly repay his credit.

Device Lock Controller enables device management for credit providers. Your provider can remotely restrict access to your device if you are not making payments. If your device is limited, basic features, such as emergency calls and access to settings, will still be available.

The application has notably been deployed in the United States, but to our knowledge it has never appeared in France. Its deployment was a Google mistake.

An app for Kenya

The Device Lock Controller app should in fact never have left Kenya, where it has been deployed since July. The deployment in the United States was done in error by Google.

In Kenya, this deployment was carried out in associations with financial organizations to launch Android Go smartphones at more affordable prices, with credit offers. The application is in this case a kind of guarantee for the financial institution.

If we now better understand the mysterious deployment of the application, and not announced by Google, we can wonder about the ethics carried by this new application.

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