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Google Maps strengthens its functions to better cope with Covid-19


Google Maps is providing more information to its users so that they can better cope with the Covid-19 health crisis by displaying more data on the pandemic and on the number of public transport.

Google Maps Covid 19

Google Maps better equipped against Covid-19 // Gamesdone: Frandroid

Like everyone else, tech companies must deal with the health crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and ensure that their products and services meet the expectations of users in this particular time. Google Maps is no exception.

The mapping service is thus strengthening some of its functions in France to better support people during the health crisis.

A more complete Info Covid-19 layer

In recent weeks, we have been able to activate an Info Covid-19 layer on Google Maps. Just press the dedicated button at the top right of the interface, just below the search bar. You will then find the layer in question. By pressing it and then zooming out the map, you will then see the number of new cases per 100,000 people displayed, country by country, over an average of seven days.

Now this layer will also show the number of cases since the start of the pandemic. That’s not all, this function will also display ” links to local authority resources on Covid. This allows you to continue to learn directly in Maps about local guidelines, testing locations and restrictions in your country.».

The links in question will be added to those already displayed and redirecting to Wikipedia , The New York Times or data from Johns Hopkins University. This update to the Info Covid-19 layer will be rolled out in France towards the end of November.

Social distancing in public transport

Google Maps also wants to help you know if social distancing can be respected in the public transport you want to take. In France, the application will thus display information on traffic in real time in your bus, metro or train ” thanks to real-time user feedback ».

Google Maps

The level of public transport traffic indicated on Google Maps // Gamesdone: Google

Please note, the launch of this feature actually dates from 2019, but in France this information was only available at station level. From today, they will therefore be more complete, provided that the data for a particular trip are available. If no user leaves comments, Google Maps will not be able toa prioriindicate nothing.

Google Maps

Google Maps


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