Monday, January 25

Google Maps continues to transform into a social network with the news feed from your neighborhood

A new feature introduced in Google Maps makes it possible to extend its transformation into a local social network. A news feed is now available to discover the latest publications in your neighborhood.

Google Maps has been dreaming of becoming a local social network between residents and traders for several months now. After allowing the recommendation of the best addresses in the district, then a subscription system to all those who have shared or commented on the service, a new function has enriched this social aspect.

This Tuesday, Google published a blog post to present a news feed adapted to different neighborhoods. The idea is, directly from the Google Maps application on Android or iOS, to discover at a glance the latest shared news. It could be the photo of a new dish on the menu at the restaurant down the street, or the latest review posted of the hardware store two blocks away. “The feed shows you the latest reviews, photos and posts added to Google Maps by local experts and people you follow, as well as food and drink shops and articles from certain publications.”, specifies Google on its blog.

Easier communication for traders

Concretely, this functionality, available in the tab ” discover “ of Maps, aims to give users a better understanding of the businesses and restaurants near where they live or work. A small panel is thus displayed at the bottom of the screen allowing access to the latest publications. It is however possible to make it disappear to better focus on the map.

The other interest of this feature is obviously aimed at traders and restaurateurs. Google Maps will allow them to reach more people with this news feed, without necessarily waiting for users to search to access their page on the mapping service. “During our community feed testing, we found that merchant posts are seen twice as often as before the feed appeared.”, thus indicates Google.

The news feed functionality for Google Maps is being rolled out on Android and iOS around the world, including France.

Google Maps

Google Maps

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