Wednesday, December 1

Google launches an initiative to improve the security of our Android devices


Thanks to the Android Partner Vulnerability Initiative, Google is putting additional pressure on Android phone makers to fix discovered bugs before they are released to the public. The Android system is huge with dozens of manufacturers that simultaneously launch a lot of different mobiles covered by Google’s operating system, and those of Mountain View are very concerned about the security of those terminals. Google is making huge efforts to improve Android security, not only speeding up updates and rolling them out on a regular basis, but also offering huge rewards to those engineers who manage to find bugs. Now they want to go one step further, and they just launched an Android partner vulnerability initiative. What this Android Partner Vulnerability Initiative does is identify security flaws that are specific to Android devices manufactured by third parties. In this way, the Mountain Viewers will put greater pressure on manufacturers to release patches as quickly as possible. Although the publication of the initiative does not specifically name manufacturers who have already given some type of security warning, it is possible that through the program’s error tracker you can see different problems in devices from brands such as Oppo, Vivo or ZTE, among others, problems that luckily have already been solved. Basically what Google will do with this program is to previously notify all these providers about the error in question, giving them a specific time to solve it or otherwise make the failure public to the entire user community. Google has just released Android 11, which has already begun to reach Pixel mobiles. Other brands will receive it next. These are the news. In this way, additional pressure is exerted on third parties to solve all the failures in their Android terminals, because they could risk that Google makes the failure public and many users dispense with said mobiles, which could cause them millionaire losses in sales . In this way, the measure is a reminder to keep each of the devices updated by putting additional pressure on Android partners to correct the errors before they are released to the public. This is especially important for the user, because from now on, regardless of the Android terminal they have, they will know that they have a new ally when it comes to security.

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