Thursday, January 28

Google is testing encryption for its RCS messages

To strengthen its status as a credible and effective alternative to texting, Google has started rolling out end-to-end encryption in its Messages app.

Google is determined to make its RCS (Rich Communication Service – its alternative to SMS) a messaging protocol as rich and secure as Apple’s iMessage. And for that, you have to know how to reassure users.

The company explained, Thursday in a blog post, complete the global rollout of RCS, which adds services like Wi-Fi chat, message reactions, read notification, better photo and video quality, improved group chats, and more to traditional text messages.

A mixed reception from RCS to partners

The use of RCS has not, however, become as widespread as Google would have liked, finding little support from manufacturers to natively implement Google Messages which embeds it. And Google is now tackling a new project to strengthen the confidence of potential partners: encryption.

Like WhatsApp, which made it its primary argument, or other messaging services, offering message encryption with a unique key ensures users that no one will be able to read their exchanges, not even their operator, their ISP or Google.

Encryption first for beta testers

The Mountain View firm announces that it has started rolling out end-to-end encryption in the beta version of the Messages application. First, the test will focus on the individual messages within the app. Each interlocutor must have activated the chat features and end-to-end encryption will be done automatically.

In his technical explanation sheet, Google indicates that it has chosen the Signal protocol for its encryption. Global deployment is scheduled for 2021.

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