Tuesday, April 13

Google is preparing to kill Android Things, its connected home OS

Launched in earnest in 2016 and with a promising future as the Internet of Things began to boom, Android Things will finally join Google’s long list of prematurely ended services.

Android Things will join the vast graveyard of services euthanized by Google by 2022

Android Things will join the vast cemetery of services euthanized by Google by 2022 // Gamesdone: Andrekheren – Pixabay

Google had more or less already put it on the sidelines, we learn today that Android Things is doomed to disappear. The Mountain View firm has indeed announced that it will permanently deactivate its OS next year. This premature end of Android Things comes as the operating system, designed to drive various products ranging from the speaker connected to routers to security cameras, had been in a vegetative state for nearly two years.

This refined version of Android was initiated in 2015, under the code name Brillo, before being fully launched under its current name at the end of 2016 (we were talking about it here) … while the world of IoT was about to take off on the market, with the success we know today. A boom that Android Things has not been able to take advantage of.

A shutdown in just over a year

As of January 5, 2021, Google will no longer accept non-commercial projects for Android Things, which will mark the start of its killing. The idea, however, will be to give developers a period of one full year to migrate to other solutions for their devices dedicated to the connected home. Fortunately, and as specified The Verge in his obituary of Android Things, relatively few of them use the system.

In 2018, what Google still described as “underlying operating system for the internet of things”Had nevertheless enabled a few connected devices to be animated. Too little for Google, which was already starting to take measures to redirect it, the following year, towards connected speakers and Smart Displays.

Today, Google is no longer in ambiguity. In an FAQ published on the Android blog dedicated to developers, the firm clearly indicates that as of January 5, 2022, the OS “will be completely deactivated and all project data will be permanently deleted“. Difficult to be clearer.

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