Saturday, September 25

Google Drive for desktop arrives to replace Backup and Sync, which replaced Google Drive


Google has announced the launch of a new app for Google Drive on PC. It should unify all the experiences offered by Google and replace Drive File Streame and Backup and Sync.

Little is remembered today, but Google has been slow to enter the online storage market with Google Drive. Competitors like Dropbox and, at the time, Microsoft Skydrive, were already popular when Google came up with the idea to expand its Google Docs suite to storage and create Google Drive. From this delay, the firm subsequently found it difficult to settle on its synchronization solution for PCs.

After offering music, photos, and file synchronization software with three separate applications, Google wanted to bring the last two together in an application called Google Backup and Sync, which was not very practical to use.

After replacing Google Drive with Google Backup and Sync, Google today announces the arrival of a new Google Drive application, which will replace Google Backup and Sync.

A completely unified application

The goal this time is to unify two experiences: that of the general public with Backup and Sync, and that of companies with Google Drive File Stream. In the air of telecommuting, many people can have both solutions installed in parallel on their machine, which makes the job of the company’s IT support all the more difficult. This is why Google now wants to bring the two solutions together, by the end of the year.

In order not to rush anything, Google will proceed step by step. As of today, the Google Drive File Stream application, that of companies, is renamed to “Google Drive for desktop”. The firm’s teams will then update this client gradually to give it all the functions of Backup and Sync. Once this is done, the latter’s clients will be migrated to the new software.

Google released a complete list of features allowing to compare its two current solutions with the new one. We can read that it will not be possible to choose the folders of your Google Drive to synchronize. On the other hand, the general public will now have access to the streaming solution allowing to store only the metadata of the files on the storage of the PC, while waiting for the download of the complete file on demand. It will also no longer be possible to ignore certain file extensions during synchronization.

If you are a Google Workspace administrator, Google offers a form to register for a beta version of the new application.


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