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Google devices are on sale, including the Nest Mini for half the price

Now is the right time to crack down if you’ve been waiting for great promotions on Google Nest products. Some references of the Mountain View firm are dropping today at completely new prices, which is perfect for equipping yourself at a lower cost.

Google’s Nest line consists of different products. It extends from the connected speaker to the connected screen, to the Wi-Fi router and even to the connected doorbell. All of very good quality, the Mountain View firm’s devices are not, however, the most affordable on the market. Fortunately, promotions of up to -50% now allow you to equip yourself at a low price.

Offers at a glance

The Google Nest Mini at -50%

The Nest Mini is the replacement for the Home Mini. It is a small connected speaker that integrates Google Assistant to answer all your questions and control your connected objects by voice, like its predecessor. The only difference comes from a slight improvement in sound and the appearance of two additional LEDs on the sides to visually locate the touch zone dedicated to volume.

To find out more, here’s our Google Nest Mini test.

In short

  • The discreet and cute design
  • Compatible with many connected objects
  • The many features related to Google Assistant

Instead of 59.99 euros, the Google Nest Mini is now available in promotion at only 29.99 euros at Fnac, at Darty and on Boulanger.

Google Nest Hub at -46%

The Google Nest Hub includes a 7-inch HD panel. Its OS has the particularity of being extremely sober and easily readable from a distance so as not to miss any information displayed on the screen. It can play videos from YouTube and Netflix without restriction, and even offers the Chromecast feature to stream content from its smartphone. It also allows you to make calls through different instant messaging apps and receive video calls, but can only participate with voice, as there is no front camera.

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In short

  • An easy to use OS
  • The many features
  • Good sound and display quality

Instead of 129.99 euros at its launch, the Google Nest Hub is now available in promotion at only 69.99 euros at Fnac, at Darty and on Boulanger.

We also find the Max version of the Google Nest Hub on sale at -13%. Its screen extends this time up to 10 inches with an HD definition of 1280 x 800 pixels. The sound is more powerful than the classic Nest Hub and even offers a camera on the front to make video calls with Google Duo. Find our test to find out more.

Instead of 229.99 euros since its release, the Google Nest Hub Max is now available in promotion at 199.99 euros at Fnac, at Darty and on Boulanger.

Google Nest Wifi at -12%

Nest Wifi is quite simply Google’s new solution to improve the quality and coverage of your Wi-Fi network. This new model is obviously more efficient than the old one by allowing you to connect more than 100 devices on a surface covering nearly 120 m², with a speed of up to 2.2 Gbit / s. Unfortunately, it does not integrate the new Wi-Fi 6 standard, but Wi-Fi 5.

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In short

  • A simple and efficient WiFi solution
  • With increased throughput up to 2.2 Gbits / s
  • And a cover of 40 m² more than the old model

Instead of 159.99 euros, the Google Nest Wifi router is now available at 139.99 euros at Fnac, at Darty and on Boulanger.

There is also a router + access point pack (which also integrates the features of a speaker connected with Google Assistant) on sale at 229.99 euros instead of 259.99 at the same dealers.

Google Nest Hello at -14%

The Google Nest Hello is a fairly discreet connected doorbell (11.7 x 4.3 x 2.6 cm) and resistant for the outdoors with its IPX4 certification. The power supply is wired, so no battery problem, but the installation then requires the electric cables of an existing chime. The range also extends up to 20 meters. More than a doorbell, it also acts as a surveillance camera with its 3 megapixel sensor with a 160-degree viewing angle and films in 4: 3 format, even with HDR and night vision compatibility.

Discover our test to find out everything about the Google Nest Hello.

In short

  • Face recognition, detection zones, etc.
  • Good video and audio quality
  • The excellent application

Instead of 279.99 euros, the connected Google Nest Hello doorbell is now available at 239.99 euros at Fnac, at Darty and on Boulanger.

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