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Google defends itself by ensuring that it is a company like any other

Accused by US regulators of abusing a dominant position in web search and online advertising, Google is defending itself by ensuring that it is a company like any other. The firm claims to be subject to the same requirements and says it has to pay other groups, such as Apple and Microsoft, to promote its services.

Google defends itself by neglecting the importance of its strike force and its financial capacities

Google defends itself by neglecting the importance of its strike force and its financial capacities // Gamesdone: Kai Wenzel / Unsplash

To defend itself against American regulators after a complaint filed for abuse of a dominant position, in particular in the areas of web research and online advertising, Google is trying to be more modest than it is … by minimizing in particular the strike force of its services, and the impact that its imposing financial resources can have. In any case, this is what we generally remember from a long post by Kent Walker, Senior Vice President of Google in charge of the group’s activities on a global scale. Examined by 01Net, the text also allows the interested party to engage in a comparison exercise with certain competitors.

Google must also pay a tribute … especially to Apple

The group’s Senior VP notably ensures that his services are not imposed on users: they are the ones who prefer them and use them. As an example, Kent Walker cites Windows 10 devices which, by default, do not offer Google services, but only the Edge browser and Bing search (both on the browser and in the search bar of the website). ‘BONE). Google believes that it is in the nails here since the user must manually go and find its services to use them on a PC.

For other devices, the firm ensures that it is subject to the same promotional requirements as the others. Google explains that it too is forced to pay Apple, Samsung, LG, Microsoft and many mobile operators to promote its services on their devices and platforms.

« Yes, like countless other businesses, we pay to promote our services, like a cereal brand that pays a supermarket to be the front-runner. When you buy a smartphone or a computer, there is also a gondola head: the home screen. On mobile, this screen is controlled by Apple, or by companies like AT&T, Verizon, Samsung or LG. And on computers, this gondola head is largely controlled by Microsoft », Avance Kent Walker.

Google nevertheless forgets to specify the amounts spent to ensure its services the best possible place in the sun. As 01Net recalls, the thing recently totaled nearly $ 1 billion. A colossal sum paid to Apple to take advantage, precisely, of a place at the head of the gondola and in search by default for Safari on Mac and iPhone. It is clear that smaller search players like DuckDuckGo or Qwant will not have the same availability to promote their search engines as effectively.

What d’android?

As for the question of Android, Google is forced to admit having a predominant place on its home OS, however free, relatively open and developed from a Linux kernel.

« On Android devices, we have promotional agreements with operators and device manufacturers to display Google services “, Recognizes Google. ” These deals allow us to distribute Android for free, so they directly reduce the price people pay for their phones. », We read further. Google explains that users are nevertheless free to download applications other than those of Google, while configuring another search engine by default on their smartphone.

Kent Walker finally concludes his post by stating that ” the thing that matters most is that people don’t use Google because they have to, but because they choose to do it “. If they are in certain cases open to attack, it is on these arguments that Google is counting to convince the judges of its good faith. There is no doubt that the American regulators will have something to titillate the firm, especially in the areas of online advertising and SEO, on which the group seems to maintain a strong hold.

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