Saturday, March 6

Google Chrome will integrate a function to secure private browsing mode on iPhone

Chrome beta 89 on iOS now allows you to lock and unlock incognito mode using Face ID or Touch ID.

Google Chrome

Private browsing tabs on Chrome OS allow you to surf the web without saving history or sharing your personal data with the sites you visit. However, unlike the Android version, the app doesn’t automatically close your hidden tabs on iOS and iPadOS, which can sometimes cause particularly awkward moments, especially if your iPad is shared with the rest of the family.

Biometric authentication required

In order to avoid this kind of inconvenience, Google has just added a new function to the latest beta 89 version of Chrome on iOS. This now allows you to authenticate with Face ID or Touch ID before you can access the private browsing tabs, which will remain unclear until identity verification takes place. To counter unwanted requests, it is possible to define a period before which authentication will not be requested, ranging from 10 seconds to 10 minutes.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome

The new functionality is cited by Google in the new features of beta 89, but is not yet available to all users. It will probably be accessible more widely the next time the stable version of the browser is released.

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