Monday, April 12

Google Chrome offers better partitioning of user sessions

Google is for household peace! The Chrome browser now offers to configure its own personal space with a new management of user profiles.

Google Chrome

With version 89 of the Chrome browser, Google wants to put an end to everyday frustrations, especially for families sharing the same computer in a single user session.

As we know, Google Chrome allows you to create several user sessions. However, different elements were neither customizable nor specific to each of these profiles. This is for example the case with themes. On his official blog, Google France Explain :

These experiences can be frustrating, which is why Chrome is reviewing the user experience for profile management. Starting today, we’re rolling out an update that gives everyone their own personal space in Chrome.

With Chrome 89, it will soon be possible to enjoy a different background for each member of the family, but also to find a personalized arrangement of favorites or even your own passwords without being disturbed by the automatic suggestions device. proposing to enter that of another user of the household.

Google adds playlists to Chrome

Everyone can now have their own space for truly more personalized navigation. Google also adds that this new version is enriched with a reading list also specific to each user. The latter then allows you to put an article aside to consult it later. Already present on other browsers, it was necessary until now to go through an extension on Google Chrome.

These new spaces can be configured from the application’s synchronization settings and will also work on all devices. This data will therefore be available on a smartphone or tablet attached to the same Google account.

At a time when teleworking is the order of the day, this stricter compartmentalization also makes it possible to better differentiate a personal surfing session from one strictly related to work. You will therefore not risk ending up on a professional Twitter account and sharing personal content there.

Google specifies that these new features were designed in France and will be deployed in the coming weeks.

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