Tuesday, April 20

Google Chrome now knows how to caption audio and video: how to activate Live Caption

This is a function that was initially found on the Pixels, it has just arrived on Google Chrome and can therefore be activated on PCs, Macs and Chromebooks.

Accessibility features bring functionality for everyone. Here is yet further proof with the arrival of the feature Live Caption in Chrome, the same functionality that was previously found on Pixel smartphones. It is now available on all PCs / Macs / Chromebooks equipped with version 89 of Google Chrome.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome

How to activate Live Caption?

You have to update Chrome, of course, then go to the Settings (top right), advanced settings, Accessibility then activate the sub-title function. Note that this requires installing approximately 130MB of additional files. Also note that this is currently only available in English.

Depending on your OS, you will then be able to modify the appearance of the subtitles.

Finally, remember that Live Caption is also available on many smartphones equipped with Android 10 or later.

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