Sunday, October 25

Google Chrome is updated today with interesting news

More secure, efficient and intuitive, this is how Google Chrome is updated today with version 86 that will be released for all users. Every so often Google releases a new version of its Chrome browser. Each version includes security enhancements to address previously detected gaps, but also to launch new features that make Chrome easier to use. Version 86 launches today, October 6, but we had already heard of it many times. Leaks and rumors have been anticipating some of the most interesting functions that are added to the browser today. Among the novelties we find a new design, security improvements to avoid scams or cybersecurity attacks and clearer navigation for people who use the keyboard to navigate the web. Although Chrome is not the most secure browser and, in fact, it is not a friend of blocking third-party cookies, little by little progress is being made in this field. Now, they want Chrome to be more private thanks to the Privacy Sandbox project. Passwords and secure websites The first novelty allows us to change the password on a large number of pages and services more quickly. From the password manager, Chrome warns us when the password is not secure and now we have a button to go directly to the page from which we can change the password, for example if it is the Facebook or Netflix profile. It does not work on all websites, but the vast majority are already compatible with this tool. Also on the security issue, Chrome has decided to warn users when they are filling in forms or including information on an insecure HTTP website. Many of these websites are not encrypted and are a risk to our privacy, so entering some information such as a password or bank account can be very expensive. Google will warn us that we are facing an unsafe form. Free up the CPU On the other hand, Google Chrome wants to be more efficient and involve a lower workload for our computer. In this way, its developers have established that tabs that remain active in the background for more than five minutes will reduce their activity on the CPU to free up the computer. Information will be reactivated and updated once a minute. That can be a problem if we use message services in those tabs and we want the notifications to reach us in the moment, but it will be a relief for the computer’s performance. More intuitive interface If you are not very fond of the mouse and prefer to move around the web with the keyboard, something that many people use as an assistance tool, now Google makes it easier to see where we are on the web. A blue box will mark the point where you are to choose the most correct option if we want to click on another link or button. Version 86 also integrates new features in ChromeOS such as new icons so that the interface is uniform in all tools or web applications progressive. As for the Android version, the menu is renewed with icons in each section to be more visual and with an order adapted by themes. If you do not receive the notification to update Google Chome you can directly search for version 86 with these steps (Menu> Help> About Google Chrome) and not wait much longer. However, it may take time for the update to reach all users, its deployment takes time to cover the whole world.

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