Tuesday, May 18

Google, Apple, Amazon and HDMI-CEC killed the universal remote

It’s a whole concept that disappears: Logitech has just announced the killing of the Harmony universal remote control.

It’s over, Logitech has just announced the end of its Harmony universal remote. But beware, the Swiss manufacturer assures that it will continue to update its platform for current customers.

A whole concept

We all have a friend or friend who invested in a Harmony remote. It’s a universal remote, it’s a niche market and Harmony was the top of the line in that market, it’s able to control just about anything. The concept is a remote control with a color touch screen and a small box for relaying information, there is also a simpler remote control without screen.

This remote control is able to control everything, IR devices but also Bluetooth, there is also an iOS and Android application to complete the set. You can connect to Sonos, Apple TV, Denon, Amazon (Alexa), Roku, Sony, Nest, Philips Hue, LIFX… it’s simple the list of compatible devices is huge. Everything is customizable, including the interface with the icons that can display a logo of your choice.

A kill

Logitech has therefore just ended this range of products via a message left on the brand’s support forum.

Although Harmony remotes are and continue to be available from various retailers, Logitech will no longer manufacture Harmony remotes in the future. We do not anticipate any impact to our customers by this announcement. We continue to support our Harmony community and new Harmony customers, which includes access to our software and applications to configure and manage your remotes. We also plan to continue updating the platform and adding devices to our Harmony database. Customer support and warranty will continue to be offered.

Why such an announcement? Certainly the remote control no longer appealed to consumers enough. Companies like Google, Apple and Amazon have extended their reach in home control, thanks to their respective assistants and various products, we can also mention the development of HDMI-CEC which now makes it easier to control TVs and speakers.

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