Saturday, September 25

Google announces new Nest security cameras for 2021


If the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor leaves Google’s catalog of security cameras, the California firm has indicated that a new range should appear in 2021. With innovations to be expected to make the home a little more secure.

Goodbye Nest Cam IQ Outdoor! Hello new home security cameras. Google will bring new blood to its catalog of Nest products. The company confirmed this to the site 9to5Google who had noticed that the outdoor camera was out of stock in many countries (there are still a few units for sale on the French Google site). But it will quickly see its heiress land, promised Google.

No worries if you own a Nest Cam IQ Outdoor! The Californian company has promised a “ongoing support for critical features, software patches and security updatesFor this product.

A Nest range that will become more dense

Google Nest still has a well-stocked catalog of indoor and outdoor security cameras. To protect the interior of your home, there is the Nest Cam Indoor (120 euros) at the entry level or the Nest Cam IQ Indoor in a more advanced model with integrated speaker (349 euros). For the exterior, once the stocks of the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor (379 euros) are exhausted, it will remain its standard version without distinction of person or tracking or 4K sensor, the Nest Cam Outdoor (229 euros).

And Google does not intend to stop there. The Mountain View firm has promised to the specialized site of “continue to invest in new innovations“. And this will materialize with the arrival of “a new range of security cameras for 2021“. We will still have to wait to know what innovations we are talking about here. There are also rumors that the next Google Nest Hub smart display could double as an indoor security camera. One such device was submitted to the FCC, the Federal Communications Commission in the United States, this week.


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