Sunday, February 28

Google and its new dark mode for desktop devices

The dark way It has become popular in different services, applications and operating systems over the last few years. Even social networks as popular as Instagram They have a dark mode, which can be activated or deactivated depending on the user’s preferences. We also have it in IOS, in Android, in Windows 10 and in MacOS.

Although Google had already activated it for some of their platforms and apps, such as Gmail, YouTube or the Chrome search engine, it had not yet been activated for Google Search.

This mode is appearing as a A / B test on the desktop screens of random users. The goal is to see the reaction and possible modifications that need to be made to make Google’s design good and easy on the eye.

Google dark mode layout

Dark mode in Google Search It is just as it was expected to be. The background, almost black, is a very dark gray. The letters are light gray, not becoming white, and all the links are dark blue.

For all those who wonder how to get dark mode in google searchIt must be made clear that this is not yet possible. And, there doesn’t seem to be any way to install dark mode on a device. Google is activating it completely randomly.

If it is activated with the conditions that we have mentioned, its preferences can be modified from the Google Search settings. In the settings it will be possible to choose between activating it by default with the rest of the operating system, always activating it or never activating it.

Google is taking a long time before launching it definitively, because it knows the possible adaptation problems that can arise if it is not well designed at all.

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