Thursday, January 28

Google adds 14,000 new emoji merges to its Gboard keyboard

Introduced in February 2020, the Emojis Kitchen feature, which allows you to merge two emojis into one image, will offer 14,000 new combinations to Google Gboard users. Alongside small novelties always welcome.

Since its launch in February 2020, Emojis Kitchen has won over Google Gboard users: no less than 3 billion images from this feature have indeed been sent, announces the Mountain View firm in a blog post. The principle of Emojis Kitchen is simple: select two emojis, which Gboard mixes together, and from which a new image results.

More possibilities to express yourself

Obviously satisfied with the turn taken by the deployment of this function, the Californian giant decides to complete it. The firm across the Atlantic is adding 14,000 new combinations to give users the opportunity to express themselves with more possibilities. In short, Google goes even further in the “mixing” experience.

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For example, it will be possible to combine planet Earth with an emoji wearing a mask, to create the image of a masked Earth. Or a face decked out in a pair of glasses with a flame, so that this so-called flame is attached to the pair. Other small features are also invited to the party, continues Google.

Deployment next week

By double-tapping the “🤣” emoji, as an example, the newly created emoji will accentuate the “laughing out loud” side with a slight stylistic change in the image. The Four-Colored Colossus has already rolled out the update to the beta version of Gboard, before releasing it on a more global scale next week.

Gboard: Google keyboard

Gboard: Google keyboard

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