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Games offered in March 2021


A few days in March, Google has already lifted the veil on the games that will be offered free to Google Stadia subscribers next week. And as often, we find exclusivity (PixelJunk Raiders), strategic (Reigns), rhythmic (Avicii Invector) and a little playful (Pac-Man Mega Tunnel Battle).

Pac-Man Mega Tunnel Battle

Pac-Man Mega Tunnel Battle // Gamesdone : Bandai Namco

New month and new batch of games offered. Google has unveiled the list of titles that will be offered for free to Stadia Pro subscribers starting March 1. And once again, the list is particularly eclectic.

Games offered on Stadia Pro in March 2021

  • PixelJunk Raiders
  • AVICII Invector
  • Pac-Man Mega Tunnel Battle
  • Reigns

After February 28, Kine, Hello Neighbor : SecretNeither and Monster Jam Steel Titans can no longer be redeemed for free if you have not added them to your library. March 2 is exclusivity Outcasters which will no longer be accessible free of charge.

Among the free games that you will be able to test, we find Pac-Man Mega Tunnel Battle which was the very first free demo offered by Stadia on its cloud gaming service at the end of 2020. BandaiNamco’s title offers a multiplayer version for up to 64 participants of the famous game Pac-Man. This time, to add a bit of madness, you can go from one painting to another (with different atmospheres), eat the ghosts, but also the rival little yellow beings. The goal ? Be the last to survive as the playing area gradually shrinks with the players eliminated.

PixelJunk Raiders is a Stadia exclusive which is offered to its subscribers. This comic book style game will make you distribute the blows of the sword, multiply the jumps and the raids to overcome a swarm of aliens who want to suck the vital force of the planet Tantal. It’s up to you to save them by successfully completing the multiple missions in an electric and speedy atmosphere. The game from Q-Games uses the State Share feature to share your adventures with your friends with a single click.

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If you have the soul of a DJ, AVICII Invector comes at the right time. A cosmic and visual adventure in which you must find the right rhythm to progress in this musical game based on the songs of the late former turntable star, Avicii.

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Fans of puzzle games and deduction will turn to Reigns, a medieval game in which you are a more or less benevolent monarch. It’s up to you to manage the demands of your subjects, your enemies and allies as well as possible.


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