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games and content galore offered to players

Whether you are PC or console players, Amazon has decided several months ago to offer its Prime subscribers exclusive content for certain games already owned by renowned publishers (Ubisoft, Rockstar Games, EA, Epic, etc.), or even PC games available for free.

The list of games and content offered on Prime Gaming

The list of games and content offered on Prime Gaming

Amazon has real aspirations in video games and is giving it the means. And that doesn’t just mean creating titles or transforming Twitch Gaming into a slightly bigger Amazon service. You have to know how to seduce the players and make them come to you. For this, the firm of Jeff Bezos is putting the package.

Exclusive content on your favorite blockbusters, free games to discover or rediscover… every month, Amazon Prime Gaming distributes gifts to gamers, whether they are on PC or consoles. No need to download software, to have bought your games on Amazon. You just need to be subscribed to Amazon Prime. The gaming offer is one of the many advantages offered to subscribers, along with express delivery, Prime Music or Video.

Games for consoles, PC and even mobile

And to start the year, Amazon knows how to talk to as many people as possible. Among the content offered in January, in addition to the offers still available, we find something to satisfy the players of Fall Guys : Ultimate Knockout, of GTA Online, of League of Legends ou Apex Legends with exclusive content distributed for free every month.

There are also PC games to download as the novelties Alt-Frequencies and Bridge Constructor Playground, the astonishing HyperDot or the chaotic Overcooked, the team cooking game, which is one of the 35 titles offered.

For January 2021:

> Free PC games:

  • When Ski Lifts Go Wrong : over 100 creative challenges in the form of puzzles and based on physics, sports and disasters.
  • Void Bastards : Revolutionary strategic shooter that will test your wits.
  • Bridge Constructor Playground : 30 innovative levels in which you will have to build bridges over deep valleys, canals or rivers. Be creative!
  • Alt-Frequencies : Record, rewind and use radio broadcasts to reveal conspiracy theorists and politicians.
  • Along the Edge : a visual novel which takes place in the European countryside, where your choices will have an impact on the personality and appearance of the main character.

> Games offering free content for consoles and PC:

  • Fall Guys
  • Apex Legends (monthly content)
  • Valorant (monthly content)
  • GTA et Read Dead Onlien
  • Star Wars : Squadrons
  • Madden NFL 21
  • League of Legends and League of Runeterra (monthly content)
  • Magic Tiles

To get free content and packs (weapons, characters, skins, modes, upgrades, etc.), it’s on the page of Amazon Prime Gaming that this is happening. Some therefore offer packs every month for games like Apex Legends or cash for GTA Online. Some freebies are only available for a temporary period.

Note that advertising-free mobile games are also available such as (water slide races) or Cube Surfer (stacking cubes to create a surf tower) which can be downloaded on Android and iOS.

How to take advantage of Amazon Prime Gaming offers?

  • You must be subscribed to the Amazon Prime offer (5.99 euros per month or 49 euros per year);
  • Go to the site and log in;
  • In the tab Games, booty, go fishing for the content offered. You will also find free PC games;
  • To enjoy the content, you will need to link your PlayStation, Xbox, Google Stadia or publisher account (Ubisoft Connect, Rockstar Social Club, EA Play, Bungie, Riot, etc.);
  • To enjoy PC games, download the Amazon Games client on Windows (no Mac version at this time) to grab the games and play them.
The Amazon Games client to collect the games offered to Prime subscribers

The Amazon Games client to collect the games offered to Prime subscribers

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