Thursday, March 4

Galaxy S21 Ultra or Galaxy S30 Ultra, here are some new visuals of its design

After the first pictures a few days ago, here is a new leak concerning the next Galaxy S21 or Galaxy S30. This time around, it could be the Ultra variant with more cameras on the back.

Since August, there have finally been quite a few leaks regarding the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S device in the works. An S-Pen was first discussed on the Galaxy “S” line, then Samsung began mass production of 16GB LPDDR5 RAM for new phones. Steve Hemmerstoffer, also known as @OnLeaks on Twitter, showed off what appear to be Galaxy S21 / Galaxy S30 Ulra renderings.

An even thicker photo module

Looking at these images, the change that stands out the most is the design of the rear camera module. Rather than having the camera set back from the frame, it wraps around the device and blends into it along the left side. Additionally, rather than a square camera module, Samsung has stacked three cameras in a rectangular area. Like most high-end smartphones now, the camera bump is even more present, at 2mm thick.

On the front of the device, this supposed Galaxy S21 Ultra / S30 Ultra looks quite standard. It looks like Samsung has gone for a 6.5-inch Infinity flatscreen with a center hole-punch camera. At the bottom there is the standard USB-C and no headphone jack.

Other pictures of the Galaxy S21 / S30

On Saturday morning, more pictures of the Galaxy S21 / S30 were posted, this time with three cameras on the back. It could therefore be one side of the Galaxy S21 / S30, and the other of the Galaxy S21 Ultra / S30 Ultra.

The Galaxy S30 changes photo module

Le Galaxy S30 change de module photo // Gamesdone : OnLeaks

Finally, there have been rumors that a Galaxy S21 launch has taken place ” earlier than usual and more precisely in January “. Steve Hemmerstoffer explains that his sources have confirmed this information.

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