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Gabe Newell promises something new by the end of 2021

During a discussion with students, Gabe Newell promised news regarding the presence of Steam on consoles. A mysterious answer that must be carefully analyzed.

When we think of the most important game platforms in the video game industry, we can easily think of game consoles like the Nintendo Switch, the PlayStation or the Xbox, but we must not forget the dominance of Steam on the PC. . The Valve platform, led by Gabe Newell has been raining and shining on PC for many years. It is therefore a partner of choice for those who want to bring their ecosystem closer to that of the PC.

You will understand better by the end of the year

Still stuck in New Zealand since the start of the pandemic, Gabe Newell participated in a roundtable with students to answer their questions. Between multiple questions about the future of Team Fortress 2 (which will receive updates) or Counter Strike Go (whose anti-cheat will be reviewed), a student asks a very important question: ” Will Steam bring games to console or will the platform stay on PC? ».


To this question, Gabe Newell answers an enigmatic: “you will have a better vision of this by the end of the year”. The boss of Valve does not give much more information on the subject, but we can conjecture a few hypotheses.

A partnership with a platform

Obviously, the announcement anyone can think of would be a true partnership with a console maker to bring Steam directly to the platform. It seems very unlikely since it could mean the presence of an alternative store on a console. However, the presence of the Xbox Store or the PlayStation Store, to name but a few, is very important in the economic model of Sony and Microsoft.

The Epic Games vs Apple lawsuit still allowed us to learn, among other indiscretions, that the boss of Xbox, Phil Spencer, and Gabe Newell had occasional dates. Microsoft has made a habit of releasing its games on Steam, apart from Xbox Game Pass, but we must also remember that the company wants to compete with Steam with its Microsoft Store this summer.

Half Life Alyx on the PS VR 2?

Another hypothesis is that of a merger between Sony and Valve. It wouldn’t be the first time since Gabe Newell attended PlayStation’s E3 2010 conference to announce Steam’s merger with PlayStation 3 around the launch of Portal 2.

We know that Valve believes a lot in virtual reality with its Valve Index headset and the launch of Half Life Alyx, one of the best VR games. Sony for its part is preparing a PS VR 2 headset that seems very ambitious. To better launch the headset and help VR expand, it would be easy to imagine Valve agreeing to wear its flagship title on Sony’s new platform.

A bridge between PC and console

Last hypothesis, also more realistic than the pure and simple arrival of Steam on console, is a simple reconciliation between the PC platform and the console manufacturers. When Valve took part in Sony’s E3 conference, it was to announce a merger of this type: the PS3 was to offer matchmaking options, Steam chat, achievements or the possibility of a one-time purchase on certain titles. a game to activate it on both platforms.

Eleven later, the politics of crossplay and crossbuy are much more entrenched in people’s minds and a new rapprochement of the genre would make a lot of sense. Should we go so far as to imagine being able to buy a game on Steam and activate it for free on Xbox or PlayStation? We will have to wait until the end of the year to find out.

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