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functions will be reserved for Google One subscribers


On the Google Photos application, features dedicated to Google One subscribers are being prepared to convince more people to buy more storage space.

Google Photos

Google Photos // Gamesdone: Frandroid

It has been several months since Google seems to have accelerated the improvement of its many applications. Among them, there is Google Photos which has notably acquired a new editing tool at the same time as the announcement of the latest Pixel smartphones.

However, it seems that the application dedicated to photos and videos still intends to accommodate additional functions in the relatively near future. However, they would be reserved for people who have purchased a subscription to Google One. As a reminder, this is a platform offering to buy more storage space than the 15 GB to which we are entitled with a basic Google account.

By searching the APK code of Google Photos in version 5.18, XDA Developers has indeed spotted several sentences already prepared to be displayed in the view of users. Here are some examples:

  • « As a Google One member, you have access to some additional editing features »
  • « Get more editing features with a Google One subscription »

Use Google Photos to make Google One fat

It remains to know the nature of the options that will be made available to the users concerned. However, on paper, using Google Photos as leverage to get more people into Google One subscription seems like a good strategy.

Google One

Google One

On another subject, XDA Developers also found clues suggesting that retouching options will change the appearance of the sky on an image. This is a feature that can already be found on Xiaomi smartphones.

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Google Photos

Google Photos


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