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from your phone to your Windows PC, there will be just one step

During the conference dedicated to the presentation of its Mi 11, Xiaomi lingered for a long time on MIUI 12.5, the next version of its software interface. We take stock of the new features announced.

Xiaomi MIUI 12.5

The Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi took advantage of the end of 2021 to organize an important conference addressed to the Chinese market. Conference during which was notably inducted the next high-end phone of the brand: the Xiaomi Mi 11. Between its AMOLED QHD + screen, its refresh rate of 120 Hz and its main camera of 108 megapixels, the phone is already doing noise.

MIUI Plus, to control your phone on your Windows PC

The Middle Kingdom firm has also reserved no less than 45 minutes for the next software version of its interface: MIUI 12.5. Several new features summarized by Android Authority and GSMArena give us a first idea of ​​its future capabilities. As of this writing, only a closed beta has been deployed for Chinese users. For Europe and the rest of the world, we will therefore have to wait a little longer.

Xiaomi MIUI 12.5

In the idea, the main novelty is called MIUI Plus. This functionality, also in beta, will open your phone’s notifications and applications… on your Windows PC. Viewing and modifying files will also be possible. In short, this function is strongly reminiscent of Apple’s – Continuity -, with which you can connect the devices in your ecosystem.

IOS inspiration

Xiaomi has also dared to compare with iOS by promising interface animations substantially similar to those of the Apple brand. In short, the group does not hide to have drawn some ideas on the side of Cupertino. Pre-installed applications will be very rare: none bloatware will not be on the agenda.

Xiaomi MIUI 12.5

MIUI 12.5 promises to be less energy consuming by using 25% less energy compared to its predecessor. Nature and animals were also a source of inspiration, as they will act as sound notifications – 125 in total. Note also the arrival of wallpapers that will adapt to real life, including the weather, such as the Mount Siguniang fund, located in the Chinese province of Sichuan.

Xiaomi has finally focused part of its efforts on security, since MIUI 12.5 will prevent third-party applications from accessing your location, private data or the clipboard. In total, a dozen devices will be eligible for this first closed beta.

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